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  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    weathers said:
    I'm not a Trump fan and I am an Apple product user, but I find it ironic that Apple (Tim Cook) doesn't seem to mind selling their products in countries who degrade women and persecute  gays and lesbians. The hypocrisy of either party is getting to ridiculous levels.

    I hate this particular argument, as it basically suggests if you can't save the entire world, you shouldn't try anywhere. Apple is a US based company and if it's going to try and make a difference it will have more impact at home, than in a foreign country. 

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  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Google Pixel 2 XL: camera is only part of the package

    Just like digital stabilization is worse than optical. The artificial blur will never be as good as real optical focus.
  • Sprint and T-Mobile could reach merger deal by next week, report says

    This is just what a country of nearly 400 million people need, only 3 major carriers!! This is going to be great for consumers who like less choice, innovation and higher prices.
  • iPhone sales fall to 51.2M, Apple earns $50.6B in revenue in disappointing March quarter

    We are very happy with the continued strong growth in revenue from Services, thanks to the incredible strength of the Apple ecosystem and our growing base of over one billion active devices.”
    Um, Tim, Wall Street isn't buying your services narrative. Especially since you weren't spinning this narrative when hardware sales weren't missing estimates. Cook needs to find a better narrative fast.
    i don't think so, the company is making money and if apple isn't selling phones no one is, because they are still much better than your miss match android options
  • Alleged 'iPhone 7' chassis shows symmetrical speakers, lacks 3.5mm headphone jack

    Disappointing if true,  The headphone jack is one of the most important features to me.... Way more important than the camera...  I use it hours every day in multiple locations, connected to different devices (car stereo, large quality headphones I keep at work, small ear buds I use for working out, and multiple home stereos depending on what room I am in). 

    No other audio interface will suffice,  I am not willing to sacrifice the quality & convenience of a traditional headphone jack, I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy several dongles or spend hundreds of dollars to change my audio equipment,  And I am not willing to carry a dongle with me at all times. 

    Its a simple, ubiquitous, quality, standard, with no peer.   Its not like the floppy disk, its not like fire wire.

    So if these rumors are, true my next phone will be an android.

    some people the headphone jack is a total deal breaker but for most us we use bluetooth anyways, and secondary old anolog headphone technology is not going to come back in a big way, its on its way out, and one day in a few years no phones will have them.
  • Apple includes shareholder proposal on diversity in proxy statement, advises vote against

    yeah lets put black indian or whatever in places qualified or not, it not about talent its about everything being fair. get rid of all the white people, they have had their turn
  • Oppenheimer: Apple 'lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation'

    As much bitching on this forum about apple not innovating. Have any of you guys even tried one of these windows computers. They are still total garbage. Apple is still miles ahead.