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  • Amazon acquires mesh Wi-Fi router startup eero as part of smart home push

    Amazon on Monday said it has reached a deal to acquire eero, manufacturer of a range of popular mesh networking hardware that helps users distribute Wi-Fi signals throughout their home.


    Announced in a joint press release, the acquisition represents a successful exit to eero's startup activities, which began in 2014. Details of the deal have not been disclosed pending closing conditions.

    It appears that Amazon will use eero to further an ongoing push into the smart home space that began with the e-tailer's line of Echo speakers. Loaded with Alexa voice assistant smarts, the smart speakers serve up answers to general customer queries and present another access portal to Amazon's online store.

    "We are incredibly impressed with the eero team and how quickly they invented a WiFi solution that makes connected devices just work," said Dave Limp, SVP of Amazon Devices and Services. "We have a shared vision that the smart home experience can get even easier, and we're committed to continue innovating on behalf of customers."

    Mesh networking solutions solve the problem of Wi-Fi dead spots by employing cooperative hardware nodes to evenly distribute consistent coverage over large areas like multi-level homes. The system presented by eero goes a step further than conventional mesh products with a streamlined setup and hardware management process, advanced user and parental controls, cloud connectivity for updates and other value-added features.

    In 2017, the startup updated its lineup with a tri-band Wi-Fi base station and dual-band Beacon devices that plug directly into wall outlets for easy installation. Perhaps of interest to Amazon, the second-generation hardware features Thread radio components for communicating with low-power "internet of things" devices.

    AppleInsider reviewed the first-generation eero system and found it to provide adequate coverage of a multi-story house.

    Beyond Limp's statement on "innovating on behalf of consumers," Amazon's plans for eero are unknown. Amazon's Echo range would make a suitable platform for integration, potentially offering users both Alexa and enhanced Wi-Fi with a single device. In return, Amazon will likely retain unfettered access to eero users' internet usage habits.

    The second-generation eero system is still up for sale on Amazon's website, with full sets -- one base station and two Beacons -- starting at $399.
    Sad indeed.  Eero seemed like a viable network for difficult living spaces.  Now it's just another spy in your personal space - feeding your information to others for profit without your consent.  East Germany had the Stasi and all their collaborators to oppress their population by surveillance- today we have Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter . . .

    Happy times Lemmings.
  • Why did Apple buy up another $20B in stock at record highs?

    Gmgravytrain & Larryjw perhaps have a valid point of view from those coming late to AAPL and who look at a stock as a dividend finance source.
    I'm a senior citizen (like Gmgravytrain) but I bought into AAPL @ $20 many years ago and held because they are a company that did, does, and will make superior products - and offer a great return on investment.  From my perspective, dividends cannot compete. YMMV.
  • Healthcare tech firm Epic Systems says it won't consider any Apple buyout offer

    RE; Rob53, Mac_Dog, Patchythepirate.  Yes.

    All current major electronic health record systems in the US have wonderfully efficient, easy-to-use, billing modules.
    The Patient part?  Shared health information, history, recent health care encounters - absolutely terrible.

    I don't know where this so-called "news" came from, but as someone who as worked in health care IT for all my life, the best thing Apple could do if they bought Epic would be to close the company and start again.  Apple certainly has the UX capabilities to do a much better job for health providers. ;-)

  • Beyond the new 'iPhone Xs,' what to expect from Apple's Sept. 12 'Gather round' special ev...

    eightzero said:
    A phone company announces its annual event for its latest phones. It also announces it will no longer make computers as they are a sideline business, and takes up too much time, few sales, and have lost interest in making the best computers. Making phones is easier and more profitable. The software division that made iWork, Final Cut, Aperature, Mac Server etc will also be disbanded, as they haven't done anything in years anyway. No one will miss them. No professional laptops (15" are just toys), no pro desktop Mac worth buying since 2013, no 17" laptop since 2012, no new Mac Mini, since ...I forgot it was so long ago. Old computers with old processors, old graphics cards, no user upgradable RAM, tiny RAM limit of 32Gb, same old high prices. Apple should give 5 year warranties. After 25 years as a Mac user, I am considering those PeeCees sadly. Cheaper, faster, 17" laptops, powerful desktop models.
    Hey eightzero, you could cut Macman1993 a little slack - he has a lot of valid points.

    Apple IS apparently reducing it's commitment to Macs, Displays, Airport . . .  in favour of services and phones.  They know what sells and what doesn't - we don't.
    Yes, it is sad, from another long term Apple user's perspective, that the market is encouraging Apple management and the Ive "design team" to focus their development and product delivery in the way they are currently doing.

    It may be tough for us, who might prefer a different business model, but just check out AAPL stocks to see what Wall Street might finally be getting about Apple's business competency . . .
  • Bill Gates equates Steve Jobs' talent to 'casting spells'

    lkrupp said:
    Just another way of saying only stupid people buy Apple products. Casting spells but he could see right through them because a wizard too? My ass.
    I also enjoyed the silly hubris of "Steve & I were both minor wizards", but you didn't expect Mr Gates to admit that he was always totally outclassed by Mr Jobs did you ;-)
  • Apple's best designs by Jony Ive, according to the AppleInsider staff

    Hardware, Hardware, Hardware - all engineering physical form, no concept of usability/UX function.

    Sir Jony Ive is a brilliant industrial designer but he has never had a clue about what it takes to make his "wonderful" objects usable for humans.

    Don't listen to me - check out another authority:

    planetary paulnapoleon_phoneapartcolinngwilliamlondon
  • Editorial: Intel CPU constraints are sign on the road to ARM chips in the Mac

    wood1208 said:
    If Intel executes 10nm chips schedule properly than it will be last Intel chips to go in Macbook/PRO. Intel in conference call said it will make 10nm ICE processors based on Lakefield packaging for one specific customer and my guess that could be Apple.
    We're coming up on two years since the first estimated delivery date has passed on this one, so I'm not holding my breath.
    But DEMINSD does have a point.  Apple's current wish for thin-at-all-costs and damn the functionality/usability/laws-of-physics causes problems for their suppliers - and thence the customer.

    "Thin & quiet" is a Jony Ive industrial design / hardware view - it neglects the software/usability of devices - how they actually work - in favour of their "sexy looks".
  • Apple diverting worker shuttles because of smashed windows

    sumergo said:
    lkrupp said:
    macxpress said:
    Why do people have to be stupid and damage someone else's property? Why can't people just leave shit alone that isn't theirs?
    Because they essentially encouraged to do so by the constant barrage of class warfare propaganda spread by Democrat socialists. They are told that its unfair that these high paid, highly skilled workers get nice things but are the cause of their pain. They are told that theryt are oppressed by the wealthy who got their wealth on their backs. They are told they are entitled to all the perks of education and work without actually having to do any of it. They are told those highly skilled and highly paid tech workers are living on the Elysium space station while they suffer along with Matt Damon on Earth. Class envy, jealousy, and the sense of entitlement will be the death of democracy and the end of prosperous economy.
    Whoa!  You forgot the "sarcasm" tag on your post, right?  Or you've got it upside down?

    It's not "Democrat socialists" (whoever they are) that "constantly barrage" the "class warfare" views you list.  "Class jealousy" as you describe it, comes from the bottom-up (think trump) and is propagandized by right wing advocates.
    Democrats - for all their liberal, artsy, Hollywood, elite faults - just seem to want everyone to be treated equally and get a break.

    Or maybe you were just making a bad joke ;-(

    The people you cited do not want to treat people equally. They want to dictate to others how their own money will be spent after they are taxed to oblivion to support their particular politics and causes of progressives. That’s not fair, moral or laudable.
    Well, do we have IKrupp speaking here or SpamSandwich?

    iKrupp cited "Democratic socialists", I merely coloured them in as  the "liberal, artsy, Hollywood, elite" as some people like to describe them.

    "The people" (as you say) that I cited, actually do believe that people should be treated equally, they just also believe that you are what you make of yourself.

    Where did you get all this "
    They want to dictate to others how their own money will be spent after they are taxed to oblivion to support their particular politics and causes of progressives." stuff?
  • Why did Apple buy up another $20B in stock at record highs?

    larryjw said:
    sumergo said:
    Gmgravytrain & Larryjw perhaps have a valid point of view from those coming late to AAPL and who look at a stock as a dividend finance source.
    I'm a senior citizen (like Gmgravytrain) but I bought into AAPL @ $20 many years ago and held because they are a company that did, does, and will make superior products - and offer a great return on investment.  From my perspective, dividends cannot compete. YMMV.
    I bought into Apple at less than $10. It's not that I'm not happy with its current valuation, but as an investor who rolls over dividends and interest from investments into more investments (no spending on ATVs, second homes, a fifth TV), Apple buying less of its own stock and redirecting a little more to dividends would benefit me a little more at this point. 
    "Benefit you a little more at this point"?  How much exactly do you need?
    If you bought at $10, as of today, you have made ~32 times that per share.Sounds like a good investment to me, why aren'r you selling some to realize your gains, putting that hypothetical dollar into your real pocket/savings plan/pension fund?
  • Apple's self-driving vehicles disengage for safety more frequently by design

    maestro64 said:
    I would like to see the disengagement report of humans driving every day. I think people would be surprise how often people become distracted and are no longer engaged in driving. I see people taking their hands off the wheel and looking down or somewhere else in the car all the time.
    I suspect the "disengagement rate" for humans is 98%+

    The physical act of driving itself is mostly muscle memory - it's the cognitive part that is hard.  We just do it all the time and think we are in control when we text, email & phone while driving.  Police forces, and other first responders, who have to clean up the mess of our total driving inadequacy call us Lemmings for our idiocy.

    Good for you Apple - security, privacy, customer focus - keep those AI drivers throttled back until they even begin to approach the capabilities of the everyday driver.

    Dead serious - no satire here tonight.