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  • apple wont be at PMA '08
  • Quote: Originally Posted by tonton But it's just idiotic that so many people dismiss anything but Canikon, without knowing anything whatsoever about photography or cameras. Well I think that's exactly why beginners, or those that haven't been …
  • For right around the $1000 mark, I'd say the Nikon D80 and the Pentax K10D are the best out there. I own a K10D and have used Nikon D80 and Digital Rebel XTi, and think the Pentax is just the best bang for the buck. I prefer the K10D because it h…
  • I'm using an EyeTV Hybrid as well, and don't notice any flickering or sluggishness.. and this is on a nearly 4 year old dual 2ghz g5. Over the air HD in the US tops out around 20 megabits which is way below USB2's 480megabit max. Even something …
  • delete your IGN cookies from Safari and you'll find that it loads fine again. Go to the Safari menu, preferences, security, show cookies. Then scroll down to .ign and delete the cookies and try loading the site again. -vasu
  • The US 850mhz frequency is used by Cingular and AT&T as a transitional frequency from older cellular stuff. The old AMPS that was used for cellular was 850Mhz, so they can just resue that space they have for GSM without having to pay to use 900m…
  • I saw someone install the preview on a DP533 tonight and it works amazingly well. The read me documentation states nothing about requiring a DP867 or recomending a DP1Ghz. In fact I hear it states this in the Panther read me: Quote: Power Ma…
  • i got approval earlier.. Tulane University in New Orleans, LA will be broadcasting the keynote address live on the local campus cable network, channel 58
  • They're both in poor financial situation. If you look at both companies contracts though, Sirius has more contracts with a greater market share of car companies than XM does. I also think that neither company really has better hardware. I mean X…
  • I tested both for a while and ended up going with Sirius, I've had it for about 10 months now, and it's great. Sateliite radio rocks -vasu
  • I'm going to go hide in the corner now.
  • If it's not compatible with OSX then it wont be compatible with the DVD Player. Incompatibility occurs systemwide, it's not just iTunes that wouldn't play. There is an m-audio card that works, I think it's called the Revolution? They also make a …
  • a completely vocally controlled system???
  • I think there were some older motherboards (on the pc side) that had both PC133 slots and DDR Slots
  • a friend of mine has a G4 with airport card in it that he's using as a software base station in X. There was a tip on how to do it a while back at Macfixit (for OSX). Basically, it tells you how to write a script to forward shit from your main i…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Outsider: How much for XtremeG? Outsider, would you mind emailing me? I couldn't find your email address or else I would of. -vasu
  • I absolutely love this show and it's great to see some other fans on this board I've got every episode burned onto CD which I use to get people hooked into the show, mwhahahaha -vasu
  • The internal battery keeps power to the PRAM. The PRAM keeps track of such things as system preferences. So since the pram has no power when you turn the machine off, it's losing the setting to use a network time server. There's also a chanc…
  • It's an issue with 10.1.2 Either downgrade to 10.1.1, or wait for 10.1.3 In the meantime, when you lose sound, put the computer to sleep and then wake it up again. This, least on my powerbook, works.
  • [quote]Originally posted by MacAgent: That's Chimera. Where can I get and/or get more information on this? I really love tabbed browsing (even though it could use some improvments), but the tabs are too huge! The tabs in the screenshot ab…