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  • Quote: Apple may be making a return to the use of carbon composites in its products, according to a new job listing for an experienced carbon composites engineer. When has Apple ever used carbon composites in its products? I've followed Apple fo…
  • How on earth could this technology replace batteries altogether? With 20-30% efficiency, that means that 70-80% of energy is lost. The idea of replacing batteries with this sounds like a perpetual motion machine. Bye bye 2nd Law of Thermodynamics!
  • I'm curious if you all would consider the move from iBook to MacBook to be a redesign. I would, yet the exterior plastic stayed the same, and to the casual observer, they'd look the same on the outside. I actually thought this was a bigger redesign …
  • Installed 10.4.8 this morning, and this afternoon I got a kernel panic trying to play a song in iTunes. This hasn't happened in at least a year for me. Anyone else experienced any kernel panics? 2.0 Ghz MacBook, 1 GB RAM. iTunes 7.0.1.
  • I know this is not really sexy, but how about getting Classic to run on Intel machines? My school uses a number of programs that are classic only, but which obviously thus don't run on new Apple hardware. I know t other educators that are in the sa…
  • The graph shows that Mac OS has 3.71%, while the article talks about 4.33%. For me, this makes the article even more bogus -- unless these are actually measurements of different things, and I'm missing some detail somewhere.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by kim kap sol Next time, get off your lazy ass and do a search on MacUpdate or VersionTracker. Bet you didn't even spend 1 second searching for such an app. I'm tempted to tell you to fuck yourself.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Chucker Actually, Witch might be what you want. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That is exactly the sort of thing that I was hoping to find out about.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Mike Eggleston The first Mac I ever had was the one my Dad bought for the house: the original Macintosh, in all of its 8.1 MHz glory, with 128K of RAM (made into a Fat Mac later with a full *GASP* 1 MB of RAM). I als…
  • Quote: Originally posted by kim kap sol Mighty Mouse: now with 35% more lead. I seriously doubt that this is the reason. I just talked with my partner, who does ROHS compliance for Sun, and she thought that there'd be no way that a wireless m…
  • Who is Apple marketing the black model to? Gee, I can spend an extra $200 for 20 GB more of storage, and uhh, black? Why on earth would anyone pay this much more for something that's worth maybe $50 more?
  • Quote: Originally posted by Zab The Fab ? ? Any idea what chip they will put in it? (according to the Intel roadmap) Confirmed: the G5 at 3 MHz.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Res SJ said in the keynote that the 2x-3x faster was was based on benchmarks of the raw computing power of the new chips, and that, of course, programs would not see that much of a speed gain. So why do reviewers act s…
  • Quote: Originally posted by BRussell It's still available on my edu store, but only the institutional store, not the store for individuals. This is interesting. I hadn't thought that there would be a distinction, but this makes perfect sense.…
    in eMac? Comment by gruth January 2006
  • "Of course, they don't sell a huge amount of machines in any one line. It's like GM. none of their vehicles are number one, but they have many lines, and many variations within each line." This is exactly right. And has anyone read about GM's pro…
  • Apple still needs to update the text on their hardware page: As of 6.45 PST, this page doesn't reflect the XServes which are linked on the next page.
  • From Apple's website: "Choose from 20GB or 60GB models and carry up to 15,000 songs or as many as 25,000 photos in your pocket." Can someone explain why the 60GB model doesn't store 3x as many photos as the 20GB, instead of only about 1.7x? …
  • I'm sure these updates are to make them compatible with the new PB G5's that will be released next Tuesday. This according to my inside sources.
  • I tried booting from CD -- no luck. The pattern of 4 flashing LED's/beeps that my computer emits matches with Vox Barbara's description of a dead motherboard. Does anyone have any idea about where the best to place to sell the remains of this …
  • Damn. You confirmed my worst fears.