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  • Quote: Originally Posted by healingrevivalist last time I checked the option for making the screen brighter or darker is only on the laptops and not on the desktops. At least it isn't on my Intel iMac. try F15 and F14... I like how the "hel…
  • sadly all I have folding is my 1.8 iMac G5 so I'm currently at the 21 spot on the team.
    in Outage Comment by paul October 2005
  • Quote: Originally posted by fahlman alcimedes, how's 'nova's folding team doing? Slot 134 and counting!!!
    in Outage Comment by paul October 2005
  • checkout the "mouse keys" in the universal access preference pane
  • so, what was that about?
    in Outage Comment by paul October 2005
  • oh, Verizon... I didn't see the correct spelling of the company when I was skimming so I didn't realize you weren't talking about Comcast anymore... With their new EV-DO network they will definitely provide competition for some broadband provider…
  • what do you mean change to a .wmv? You should be able to open any extension file with vlc or other similar app... just drag it to the application without touching the filename.
  • There is no lag between changing the channels from a cable box like my original EyeTV unit (USB) has?!?!
  • Have you checked the music store preferences in your account preferences for the iTMS?
  • Interesting take on things, if Apple does produce a video service I would love for it to be a subscription based thing and not an a-lá-carte deal like music is... I would gladly pay the money to have a fresh library of videos (I don't even care what…
  • Quote: Originally posted by aegisdesign The search is broken. Sometimes it says you're searching all items but it's actually remembered that last search you did and is only searching the album titles or whatever you last clicked. You have to c…
  • Quote: Originally posted by bobo28 According to Norton Antivirus , I actually downloaded a worm from the iTunes music store in a song ! The program quarantined it.. I sent a copy to Apple, asking them what gives? That was 8 days ago. So far, no a…
  • Comcast has a wireless division?! How long ago did you invest?
  • Quote: Originally posted by Jwink3101 not to get too off topic here but why would you use a DVORAK (or whatever it is called) keyboard? with a simple search...
  • if you share the music to another computer with iTunes there will be no way of changing anything in the library, but all of your music will be accessible... This should also work when sharing libraries on the same machine (fast user switching). …
  • very cool. I wrote out the hints in excel to make them easy to follow and did the rest on paper. Once I had everything written out nicely it took about 5 minutes. I sent my final listing to ijerry. I won't post it publicly so others can figure i…
  • How did you install Tiger? Read this (and other articles there) and see if anything helps.
  • They had one is 8.1 and up...
  • Quote: Originally posted by tonton Applecare is a really stupid investment on a $199 product that you'll likely upgrade in a year anyway. But even if I buy a product and I want Applecare with it, I would never buy Applecare until my warranty i…
  • Have you fiddled with the daylight savings settings?