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  • You could just use Preview to do that no? and if you wanna make a slide show of certain images on the spot...just highlight the images...ctrl-click and select "slideshow" from the menu. I think that is what you were asking...unless I misunders…
  • I know this isn't a long term solution....but if you happen to have Roxio's Toast you can mount them using that. It usually mounts what Apple's disk mounter can't handle. Hope it helps.
  • I've got a 12" iBook 800MHZ 640RAM It runs fine for all those things you want to also runs fine for photoshop and iMovie (ok it takes ages on HUGE projects but for 5-7 min videos its fine) struggles a little on iDVD though, but eventually…
  • Thanks for that...I thought I was seeing things. Shame though eventhough a little awkward I think it would have been quite useful.
  • Yes thankyou, I know the RSS search field is in the RSS page. And specifically that only searches throught the RSS feeds that you have already subscribed to. What I mean is, I remember there were 2 search fields in the safari window. One was the…
  • No Worries
    in trackpads? Comment by tzallas June 2005
  • Scrolling trackpad means that, instead of having to move the mouse cursor to the side of each window every time and then dragging the tab or clicking on the up/down arrows, you just place 2 fingers in the trackpad at the same time and move them simu…
    in trackpads? Comment by tzallas June 2005
  • IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOO!! I cannot begin to explain how happy I am!! Ok...Just in case someone is in the same situation as me and wants to burn an iDVD project on a PC DVD Burner, here are the steps... 1. Once you have finished you…
  • Broke as I'll ever be (student) but I gotta say that I'm a Vacheron Constantin fan...of course I know that that's getting crazy expensive but how can you not be a fan of the "skeleton" and "Complication" models and's to die for... …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Gon tzallas, 2005fpw is reported to have lots of backlight problems. Dell is good about warranty and all, but you should be aware of that you might have to exchange the display before you get a good one. 2005fpw …
  • Quote: Originally posted by OldCodger73 tzallas, the Dell 2005FPW that I purchase came with both a DVI and a VGA cable. The DVI cable works fine with my G5. See now you should not have mentioned the 2005fpw (20.1" tft Wide)...its driving me c…
  • No problem at all...I just haven't been able to ever use DVI before and I just wanted to get any heads up on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I should know (remember newbie).By DVI "fiasco" I meant the entire DVI-I, -D,-A thing.Now I know there is no problem…
  • Thanks alot for both the replies so far...its really set down the inherent panic; especially the DVI and 1" fiasco.(always had trouble with the d@mn resolution "maths") Keep'em coming people Cheers!