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  • Engadget have an interesting mockup of the iPhone - aka the iChat Mobile
  • Thanks Marvin, I'll give Logitech a spin
  • It could look something like this... ...without the 'iPod' bit though.
  • The plot thickens. Engadget have confirmed what the poster on MacRumors said about the BBC letting slip about the iPod video. The show was broadcast on their DAB radio station - BBC 6 Music, but the particular program has mysteriously disappeared fr…
  • Some guy over at MacRumors claims he heard a report on a BBC radio station that the iPod video would be announced at television centre in London as they will be among the first to supply video content over an updated iTunes store. As it happens, …
  • Quote: Originally posted by dfiler More fodder: That's the cover of the previous issue from March 18th - it shows a mock-up of a remote control for a media centre.
    in OS X Tiger Comment by glen April 2005
  • It seems some people on the MacUser forum who subscribe to the magazine have already received their issue and it has the new Adobe CS on the cover - no mention of Tiger. Of course, they could be lying! It seems like rather a lame announcement to war…
    in OS X Tiger Comment by glen April 2005
  • My apologies - I see it now. It's only there for an instant, but it's there. Heads will roll!
  • I've watched the video a couple of times and every time they use the word pocket, it's spelt correctly. I downloaded the video from the link on the UK site, is there a different video in the US?
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB Glad it worked. Now, I suppose you have already Xinema to enjoy it full screen . Well, no I didn't - I've been using the latest version of RealPlayer which allows fullscreen playback of .mov files - but now I …
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB You can do it. Suppose you visit the large format page from Safari. The movie will be downloaded in the /tmp directory. More precisely, all you have to do is the following: you launch Terminal, then you go to /t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by guslg Here's a thought: Apple probably contracted to buy a certain number of fx5200 chips from nvidia for the gen2 iMac. They didn't use them all. So they throw them into the gen3. In 3 to 6 months they release a t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by gunnerycox Also the Promo Video has been put on the apple Site, Very High Quality and Worth a Download Check It Out Why isn't it possible to download a copy to your hard drive…
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB Ah, thanks glen. And patience my friend, time will come. There is no chance, by the way, to enjoy the new iMacs in your school/university? Well PB, they provide support for them in halls of residence, and there …
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB It doesn't work for me at this moment. Perhaps the Apple servers are too much loaded right now. Anyway, what is the conclusion? Phill looked shit scared most of the time - poor thing. I read someone actually sho…
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB Well, Macbidouille in today's live coverage of Apple Expo, say that the new design is a work of the iPod team. In particular, they say that just after the iMac's introduction, a presentation video has been projected…
  • Can someone tell me, just out of curiosity, does the new iMac have a little white light on the front like the old one, to tell you it's on and when it's asleep?
  • Quote: Originally posted by Heidi123 The picture in #11 looks thinner than mine. Also, 'remixed' is suggestive, dont you think? It's already been remixed - that tag-line has been running since the introduction of the 4G iPod. Check out the Ap…
  • Very doubtful. A fuller report here explains that it is part of a patent originally filled in November 2001 - making it just one of the options for the iMac 2.
  • I can't see anything! Just the blue '?' Apple legal hasn't removed it already have they?