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  • So it looks like it's coming down to Seagate and LaCie. Pick which ever one is cheaper? It looks like people like them both. Also, when you say firewire, you mean firewire 400 right and not 800. It's hard to find the 800 ones. I read the Macworld re…
  • what's your opinion on maxtor?
  • yeah i searched but what's the format? how do i know where to get teh right ones? does no one else find that safari lack of color font weird? all the other browsers have it but safari is a just a bit better in my opinion. anyone know where i can fin…
  • how do you create a sheet?
  • yeah i have the same problem. I have a 3G iPod 15gig and I have some files on my friend's PC buy I have a PB. Should I reformat in his PC then copy files over to my ipod and my PB could read it? I'm still confused. -PBrules
  • Quote: Originally posted by blackbird_1.0 OK. Found the utility, but it still says "Cannot find command". Hmm. hey, i use matlab and apparently when u install tiger, the new x11 doesnt install. so i think ur software needs the new x11 so…
  • QT plays DVDs in windows....why not MAc?
  • i have the brand new 15" PB with 1gb ram with broken lower ram slot and 128MB VRAM and 100GB HD.
  • yeah it does. i lost stuffit so i can't open some files. also, can QT play DVDs? i tried to and i can't to play DVDs on QT. I think DivX is also messed up or something, can't play some files on QT but they play on VLC. Hopefully they get some bugs o…
  • if that's the case, here's a nice deali just got http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=D333SO1GSO
    in Pb Ram ? Comment by pbrules April 2005
  • Quote: Originally posted by Vox Barbara Well i know it is possible You do have to be familiar with "local stylesheets". I am not familiar with it. I just know there is an option in the safari pref pane (i saw it many times working on other m…
  • Quote: Originally posted by sunilraman ah your one of those that bought Apple shares at $20 huh? DAMN YOU BASTARDS! DAMN your foresight and investment capital !! I wish i had money to invest. I wish i bought it at 15 but what can you do? st…
  • Quote: Originally posted by sunilraman Jesus Christ i think i just have an idea for a new website TrackYourMac.com Enter your tracking number and it'll display it's progress on a map like those old Indiana Jones movies Also enter your orde…
  • Quote: Originally posted by I Thrash Therefore I Am Haha. Well, I just called fedex and its in LA so it looks like I'll be getting it tomorrow morning. I hope it comes before I leave for class tho.. yeah....good luck with the new semester....…
  • Quote: Originally posted by I Thrash Therefore I Am awesome! I really hope I get mine by tomorrow..I mean..its possible. Post your opinions on here....i'll be checking very often
  • YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! It shipped today...well 2/14. My very first mac is on the way. 8) 8) -PBRules
  • Quote: Originally posted by I Thrash Therefore I Am hers* oops...sorry....."his" being generic term....for male/female
  • Quote: Originally posted by Dave Marsh For those with far out shipping dates, you may be surprised. On Tuesday Feb 8 Apple notified me that my PowerBook would ship on or BEFORE Feb 24. I received it on Friday, Feb 11, and have been using it all…
  • Quote: Originally posted by I Thrash Therefore I Am Make that, it arrived in San Francisco this morning. Damn fedex tracking for not being up to date. Anyways, I should get it within 1-3 days. I don't get how I can be so excited about a bi…
  • Quote: Originally posted by I Thrash Therefore I Am Whats also funny, is that literally minutes after I got my shipment email, I got my email telling me that it had gotten pushed back to the 28th. Then I checked the tracking number and it told me…