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  • Made a typo, no edit function here?
  • Thanks, will look into this.
  • Thanks!  /Volumes not user writable should not be a problem, I can create a subdirectory and make it writable ... will check it out when I get a chance. Kerberized automount is interesting, too.
  • Mounted it to /Users/Shared/server. My google-fu is failing on me, where can I find documentation for macOS filesystem hierarchy?
  • In fact, there is a standard covering all units. Correct units would be: Mbit/s - megabits per second MB/s - megabytes per second where M is power of ten, one thousand times. or: Mibit/s - mebibits per second MiB/s - mebibytes per secon…
  • You can burn MKV to a DVD. Most DVD players won't play it, though. Is that what you want to do? MKV is nothing but a container, it contains: 0. video - usually MPEG-4 compatible 1. audio - may be AAC, MP3, OGG To answer your question you sho…
  • So the keyboard is not mirrored in the UK? I remember when I first time arrived to London. It was late night and I arrived from a country where they give away liquids like palinka and slivovits for nothing. So in the morning I crawl out from that h…
  • Look, I'm that kind of dude who uses OSS and does burning from CLI. Meaning I do not know a thing about that fancy software sold with/for proprietary operating systems. All my burners and readers are flashed to regionfree, no problem here. Some rea…
  • Look up what is the proxy address and port in Firefox. The bypassing part is not interesting.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Footloose301 My uncles is giving me his used MacBook pro and he lives in England. Am I going to run into problems using the machine here. Other than the electrical aspect. The keyboard is mirrored, Return key is on …
  • Look up what is the proxy address and port in Firefox. Then go to System Preferences > Network > Select your NIC > Configure > Proxies and add the proxy to all protocols you need. Please note: this depends on how local guys have setu…
  • Add-Remove Programs > Windows Components ... I think ... Google or Windows Help may help you.
  • I've been lucky not to have a Windows around for many years now. Still, I remember, in Windows you have to turn on UNIX printing services (or something like that).
  • Please read the article I linked to, the truth is a hacker may even not notice your SSID is hidden when cracking his/her way into your network. Quote: There is no such thing as "SSID hiding". You're only hiding SSID beaconing on the Access Point…
  • Wireless network works over radio, everything that works over radio is unreliable by definition. Sure, using your laptop in the backyard is convinient over wireless - but go wireless only if you cant go wired. Do not do silly things like hiding your…
  • Thanks alot, exactly what I needed.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Ireland If you like Mac's more than PC's you should go spend your time in a different forum. You're in the wrong place, we all hate Mac's here I don't think OP was talking about hardware ? I use PC's with great …
  • Yep, lots of options there. Thanks, Kickaha. @Gene - I don't feel like I need this wonder right now. Maybe later.
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  • Don't think so. In very beginning of installation it successfully passes "checking installation disk". My guess is this is the check of installation media, am I wrong?