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  • rampancy: forum moderation is an example of "evolution through artificial selection," if you will.
  • I was in a similar situation. After running dual booting XP and Slackware for several months, I needed more space on the XP partition so I deleted Slackware. I intended to install SuSE 9.1 when it came out (probably for similar reasons as you, Linux…
  • Quote: Originally posted by dmz *slams door indignantly an ACTUALLY GETS SOME WORK DONE*
  • Assuming AL really is lossless, it sounds like a software issue with iTunes. There should be no reason why a truely lossless track should have silence at the start or end... but decoding multiple tracks might cause gaps if the code isn't sophisticat…
  • Quote: Originally posted by MacCrazy I'M GLAD TO SEE THIS IS TURNING INTO A PROPER DEBATE! It's better to have constructive input than a mind numbing argument. That's what AO is for.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Logan Well, I'm not illiterate, I could have done that myself, but to save time I thought I would post and maybe get a brief summary of each. Man I'm getting sick of these asinine moderator pricks. Answer the questio…
  • Soundtrack is geared towards non-musicians. Timing is in seconds (better for movie soundtracks) not beats, loops are simply long streches of prerecorded audio. It is difficult to record instruments (you need to use the Soundtrack Loop Editor). Ga…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Stoo Anyway, if you beleive in an omnipotent, omniscient creator god, outside of time, etc, couldn't this god use evolution? It's not as if It's going to be surprised. Which was, for what it's worth, Darwin's perso…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Artman @[email protected] I wouldn't want to offend 47 million people in selling a product...would you? 1) Not all cat owners would be offended. 2) No sh*t sherlock, why do you think the ad didn't make television?
  • Yet more proof that violence is funny.
  • Apache can run on the iPod using iPod Linux. You'd need to have some kind of ethernet to firewire bridge set up though. Barto
    in Dot Pod Comment by barto April 2004
  • I am a BUFF salad buffet who loves to worship circus tents. Insightful indeed.
    in who you are. Comment by barto April 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB Celerons? Do you mean centrinos? Moreso the Celerons. The G4 is crippled by the bus, the Celeron by the small cache. Get rid of the bus bottleneck, Celeron = creamed. Think eMacs, and the market they compete …
  • No way I'm parting with $5 over something like that, heh. Still, the different personality types are interesting. I seem to be both an ISFP (artist) and INTP (nerd). Makes for a nice combination of social and professional self destruction. A thou…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Matsu I don't think a lot of people are happier with 720p, they're just happier with anything above NTSC/PAL. Even digital SD get's raves when shown next to the average analogue signal. Maybe when compared to the a…
  • Logitech Z-3s are fantastic. Got mine for AUD85 new. Simply amazing 2.1s for the price. Apparently Hercules XPS 210s are good sounding too, but from what I've seen on the intarweb they don't look as good.
  • Mac OS X will never have full UDF support... or at least the ability to install applications without forks onto UDF file systems. Skins would rock. Metal vs Aqua confuses the hell out of me and everybody, agreed. App killing would be nice, something…
  • The Boston Globe published an article today. The next school year 900,000 american children will sit through 45 minute classes "educating" them about copyright. At the end of the year, they have to write an essay "to get the word out that downloa…
  • There do not exist any known viruses for Mac OS X. So a virus scanner is probably a waste of money. Mac OS X comes with an excellent firewall, go to System Preferences then "Sharing" then "Firewall." Click "Start" to start it. The existance of…