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  • Hiro, thanks for your help. The settings are already where you said to change them to (default). Thanks to a little time on Google, it seems that there is a CSS problem on the site, which I can do nothing about. Thank you again Hiro.
  • OK, I changed my I am getting red links on APPLE'S website......yeah, Any idea how to fix this? I just need to do away with the red links.....I don't need an ethics lecture. Anybody who is nice enough to put thei…
  • That is of no help to me what so ever. Thanks you for wasting my time.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by crazychester You can't be Yutaka because the piss drinker is clearly incapable of that sort of comedy gold. Did you not read the original first post in this thread? I found that pretty funny.
  • There are allot of little tutorials and videos like that in .Mac.
  • $20 says shes a psychology major....
  • Oh, your a Canadian, that explains why you drink piss......
  • I have to display my credentials to sell urine? Hey man, if you want to see my "credentials", all you have to do is ask.....
  • I feel your pain man. Piss is getting so expensive these days. I found a relatively cheap solution. Go to the local Home Depot, and buy a 4' piece of clear tubing, and some duck tape. Duct tape the hose to your penis, and put the other end in…
  • No, I really don't think its been dropped or hit. I have no kids, and it sits in a locked room. I don't think it was like that when I bought it (new from apple store). I have never hit it or dropped it. Also, there is NO sign what so ever of any blu…
  • Well, they had better do something about it. It's a "flaw in materials or workmanship", and thats what I paid to have covered. They replaced the discolored macbooks didn't they? Did that effect performance? What I would like to do, is email apple…
  • Thanks guys.... I like for AIM to be on all the time because everybody knows my scren name, and I use that to communicate more then email. I was probably wrong on the two years, it's just some number I pulled out of my ass. I've only has the …
  • Oh, sorry, I forgot to post about that. Yeah, I tried, but it says it only works for songs that were "imported using itunes". Unfortunately, all of my song weren't imported using itunes (dragged from a cd in itunes). But thanks for trying!!!!
  • Yeah, that's way too slow.... I already have the Title and Artist correct, I don't need to change anything but the album. Thanks for posting though. Anybody have anything else?
  • How big of a space are we talking about? Can you post pictures?
  • Thanks guys!! I am running IEatBrainz right now, I'll let you know how it worked when it's finished.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by icfireball Its worth it for more expensive iPods because if it breaks when a newer model is out, they will usually give you the newer model for free. About two months ago, my ipod photo stopped working....I sent it i…
  • I think with core animation, we should expect some new visualizer options.
  • Which is REALLY stupid. I paid $400 for an ipod video, and I can't plug this cheap little thing into it, but I can use it on a $150 is that?