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  • i'm still having problems getting the stream, but if that's what's happening, that's f*cking bullsh*t! they've definately got some balls.... first up the imac prices and now charge for a free service.... doesn't make much sense.
  • why? what do they care if IE is the most popular internet app?... it's a free download! i also heard that bill gates will pay you $500 bucks to get naked in front of him. i might go that route.
  • [quote]Originally posted by iDude: I know, but the problem is that the people that pick on me (or whatever you want to call it) won't let it up. They treat me the same way they do the homosexuals at school, like dirt, all because I use a different…
  • i think the "awww" of the apple stores in the simplicity it holds. it's like a specialty store. if i walked into the applestore next week and there was a shit load of tvs, cheap telephones, and graphic calculators.... i'd freak. i like walking in, l…
  • virtual PC is pretty good... considering you're using a PC. and if you think about it, it's only $250 bucks... not a couple thousand for a complete PC... makes a shit load of sence to me.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Wrong Robot: Victor wooten is the best bassist ever. yeah, he's pretty nice. when he flips his bass over his shoulder... pretty damn nice. ps... futureman (his brother and feelow band member) just got busted for ta…
  • [quote]Originally posted by firehc: iMac, iTools, iPhoto.... what does 'i' stands for? yeah, that is stupid
  • [quote]Originally posted by Graeme D Warren: perhaps the 10Gb one reduced in price as a new top model comes in? um, maybe. the price is bound to drop sometime.... but didn't you already know that?... i guess not.
  • [quote]Originally posted by hmurchison: [QB] Video Details of Apple iTiVo Revealed i'm just wishful thinking here, but take a listen... apple just released the new 23 inch HD display. apple also released some weird video device in tokyo. i r…
  • it won't just get stuck.... it will remain stuck.... they're a bi-otch to get out
  • well, typically a lot of hardware still works in OS X.... especially something as simple as a scanner. even if the supplier doesn't say OSX is supported.... they say that probably because they don't have the tech folks on OSX yet. buy the damn sc…
  • god damn... is it really that hard to not move your apps... make alias' in the dock if you want to organize them as you wish!
  • AOL sucks
  • sorry, i'm not a fan.... despite the whole fish thing
  • [quote]Originally posted by thegelding: iPhoto 1.1.1 is now out for download[ 05-08-2002: Message edited by: thegelding ] thanks big guy... but i know that already. my point was... how could they make the next version even simpler... if that's e…
  • savior for OSX?... yes, at least one of the saviors. without photoshop and or flash, OSX has few other hopes. photoshop a savior for consumer and professioanls?... no. after reading up and looking into it, i don't see that many new additons than …
  • still not as nice looking..... not a bad try though
  • [quote]Originally posted by R-age: The Future is in dual CPUs OS X + Dual G4= FAST video work enviroment my render time is around %1600 same here... i had a single 800 and then went to dual 1G.... wow! video wise, it's a dream.
  • [quote]Originally posted by ptjapan: 2nd my power cable when plugged into the back of the iMac is so loose that if anything touches the cable at all the iMac looses power. The cable doesn`t fall out, I just hae to wiggle it and then I can start t…