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  • This update is impressive. They are clearly aiming to have everyone have a tablet that they carry with them at all times. It isn't quite there, but for most casual users, this almost has the potential to completely replace a traditional laptop/desk…
  • WTF! $20 for an upgrade that should be fee? I don't see them raising the price of the new touches. Apple is really screwing hte pooch on this one. As a newer MAC and apple user, I have loved the hardware and software, but am getting increasingly…
  • Like I said, I wasn't sure the version number. It was whichever one was most recent. Did this happen on a PC or MAC? Both actually. It stripped the art both off the mac and off the PC when it updated. It only affected cover art of music tha…
  • Is no one having this problem? NO solutions?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by teedoff087 You can't use Mac-formatted iPods on PCs. You can however, use PC-formatted iPods on Macs. Format it on your PC. The thing is... on your Mac, you can only manually manage PC-formatted iPods (can't sync). …
  • That sounds easy. Thanks!
  • I don't see why they couldn't at least get something a little lighter. Sony's got a machine that spec wise is equal to the pro in a 13.3 inch that weighs a mere 3.8 pounds. I know there are differences hardware wise, but there has to be a way to …
  • This is very useful information. Thanks for all your help! I'm getting more and more interested....I'll be interested to see if they announce a 12 inch pro. Thanks!!
  • Wow, I didn't know about the ipod thing. I have a 2 gig that I just use for music but that would definaltly be a cool incentive to get one with higher capacity. That's pretty cool.
  • Well, I'm primarily a writer so I mainly use word processing (unfortunately word because that is what the world uses), a little excel, some html (very basic) and powerpoint, So I don't use much of the power business applications or do much (if a…