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  • There is a schedule on and last week was a repeat. Ah! I was looking at the schedule on, and it puts "Home" before "Underground", the last new episode that I saw. Personally, I like the show so far. It's not a…
  • Update. I posted this poll on another forum as well[1], and the votes stand thus: Mac OS X: 127 (93.34%) Mac OS 9: 9 (6.66%) [1]Which may cause some overlap, but unless some people are using completely different usernames not a lot of the …
  • This is not the only place I have posted the same question, and honestly it is hard to find a general mac forum these days where the majority of the user base isn't using OS X.
  • Quote: All of my audio apps are still os9. I would choose both Fair enough. But which one do you use more? If you use both pretty evenly, which do you prefer to use? Quote: You forgot about linux. No, I didn't actually. I'm trying to f…
  • Quote: There's two more options: Both Neither If you use both, please choose the one you use most. If you use neither, then you aren't a mac user at all, and your situation has no bearing on what I am trying to find out. Thanks for th…
  • Thanks for the suggestion, but the symlinks on my desktop point to items in my home folder. I probably should have mentioned that. Any other thoughts? --PB
  • I think that there was a special extension or something to enable that feature on portables, but I might be mistaken. I didn't get a portable until OS 10.1 was out, so I can't say for sure.
  • Quote: Originally posted by ast3r3x Are you mad, the fact that I can click and you have to click and hold (I was careful to make sure you said that instead of control click) makes me the fastest. Oh, I control click too, but i was more referr…
  • Luca hit my feelings right on, there are quite a few other bluetooth keyboards and mice out there that come with the dongle. And even if someone didn't need it, isn't that what ebay is for?
  • My Fuji FinePix lets me record as much video as can fit on the smart media card that I am using at the time. Of course it is kind of crappy quality, but it is good for silly little stuff. Too bad that Smart Media cards are dying a slow death. A …
  • The Put Away command and Tabbed Windows. The latter isn't that important, but I bet I could access the contents of a tabbed window faster than I can currently get to something via a folder[1} in the dock right now. Especially on my older iBook …
  • Disk Copy should work, but Toast will work. At least in my experience, Toast has been able to do exactly what you are describing without issues.