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  • It would certainly be nice to see the introduction of a unified graphics chipset driver from nVidia for OS X, likewise, Catalyst equivalents from ATI. The Quadro's advantage primarily results from having optimized drivers for technical precisio…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Chucker 2) A replacement key for a Dell laptop keyboard costing over 300 Euros Um, what? http://computers.listings.ebay.com/K...istingItemList
  • Quote: Originally posted by extremeskater Dell computers at least in my opinion are extremely overprices. They attempted to get into the gaming nitch but gamers arent into buying Dells, being one myself your almost always going to go custom. …
  • http://arstechnica.com/staff/fatbits.ars/2006/7/25/4770 For those who haven't seen it, WWDC Bingo! If anyone is actually going to WWDC, please play along and yell bingo should the chance arise.
  • I see this as a potential haven for Mac gamers, albeit a horrible scenario for Mac game developers. With the advent of x86 on the mac, Windows emulation should be able to excel to near native speeds and potentially lead to native virtual support of…
  • Okay, stop fighting guys, this is ridiculous. Both schools are good and have their merits. It's by coincidence that one of my friends is a UVa advocate but we don't argue To resolve the cost issue, from Cornell's website (yearly tuition): Pr…
  • How difficult is it to establish New York State residency for in-state tuition at the public colleges at Cornell?
  • Quote: Originally posted by Eugene You're not an aberration...you're not even the first one on this board. :P Yeah I didn't really read all the posts, actually, I only read the first half of the first page which was about that. Or did I? …
  • Well, being an Asian myself (Chinese), I'd like to offer an aberration. I don't find Asian girls attractive. I'm not racist or ashamed of my culture by any means either. I just prefer women of other cultures. I don't know, perhaps I haven't …
  • [quote]Originally posted by serrano: And don't believe everything you read on barefeats,
  • [quote]Originally posted by Matsu: You don't win the GPU battle witht he best high-end stuff. You win with the best OEM solutions. With both a 9000 and 9700, ATI is set to win both counts, but even if nVidia release a much stronger high-end card,…
  • I have had no luck in converting any PC users to Mac, it's rather difficult, primarily due to price point. I have on the other hand converted many mac users to PC who were looking on spending $500 on a comp (so I helped them build it).
  • I can't tell the difference but my headphones are of fairly generic quality (Sony Streetstyle) so there really isn't much to be said.
  • [quote]Originally posted by EmAn: Wouldn't iMac G4 and iMac G4 LCD confuse people? If they can't even tell that they're not the same model by the LCD suffix, then they don't deserve a computer. Nick Burns: God forbid we read the man…
    in Black iMac?? Comment by jchen July 2002
  • It's really not that horrible of a system, closest to an iMac you'll get for being a PC user. Don't like XP? Reformat, go install 2K. I see this being a nice computer that I could have in the kitchen (though I wouldn't be able to afford it JUST f…
  • I wasn't particulary attached to the iMac when it came out, sure it looked cool, but the 15" monitor just didn't work for me. I'd say the Radeon upgrade for PowerMac's, good move, only $99 (which was a top of the line card when it came out too *f…
  • [quote]Originally posted by torifile: web.archive.org So..um, how about them apples.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Anders: Not anymore and if it did I´m pretty sure I would break one of the rules of this board. How do we look at it? I know google has the cached feature for pages, anyone know how to access it?
  • I use to play Starwars Rebel Assault all the time on my dad's 7100/80, I had an LC475 at the time. No CD-ROM.
  • It was just an exaggeration, just like other statements that have been made in the past such as "the G3 is two times faster than the Pentium 2." etc