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  • But I believe for a thief it's not possible to access the contents without using included restore disc to change password, which would require a restart. Or someone pulling the hard drive out to physically restore from the drive, which would requir…
  • I use System Preference "Require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins", and I have a hot corner for screensaver activation which I use whenever I leave my desk. Not exactly logging out right, so am I safe???
  • Never mind. In the middle of the sync, "Other" has now shrunk to 1.95GB. Strange. This iOS 5 upgrade is a bit buggy. I also got a message that my MacBook Pro is no longer authorized for apps installed on this iPad, but then when I click the "…
  • C'mon man, I know that, otherwise I wouldn't have downloaded ClickToFlash \ I've already whitelisted those 2 websites. Didn't know the second tip though, thanks!
  • I'm on slow 3G in China but it's still passable to do the tasks you want.
  • I've been using iTeleport to control my Mac Pro at work and it's been fantastic. Setup was no brainer, completely painless. I wish Back to my Mac setup was this easy. On wifi the performance is fantastic. On 3G the refresh was doable and certainly b…
  • Judging from iTeleport's website, the long history of Jaadu doing VNC, and the higher cost, I would assume that it would be the most complete solution out there. Thank you for the useful info!
  • I figured in as much. Thanks Mystic!
  • I'm not an attorney. READ: "My friend is a lawyer" I'm not asking for legal advice. I'm asking for advice with using word. If you have no useful advice to offer, then just keep it to yourself.
  • My friend is a lawyer, so don't worry about that :-)
  • I like Fetch. Simple and does the job.
  • I just returned home, which is a much newer building and I don't feel the vibration anymore. I think I should get the circuits checked at my workplace. I'm actually kinda relieved to here that I'm not the only person who experienced this issue. I …
  • I'm traveling so I'm using the trackpad on my Macbook Pro. That means I must hold down 2 buttons, first the control button then click, then the command button then click. I surf a lot and open dozens of tabs per day, so this makes a difference to …
  • Found the answer: "Holding down command while selecting "Search in Google" from the context menu opens the Google search in a new tab" Although I wish there was an option in preferences for the Google search to open in a new tab or window. Jus…
  • I'm sorry but I just tried highlighting a word and holding command and nothing happened. I believe what you mean is you can open a link in a new tab by holding command. Try opening Firefox and control-click or right-click a word to see "Search Goo…
  • I have a Macbook Pro 2.6ghz Penryn, 4GB ram. Just reinstalled Firefox and it seems a lot snappier. Don't know why I didn't think of doing this before. The best part is it retained my profile with bookmarks, passwords, and add-ons. Hopefully won't…
  • Before I tried creating multiple user accounts but each new account appeared like a fresh computer which wasn't acceptable as I had files that I needed all my employees to be able to access. Now I'm told I can put files in "/Users/Shared". Not sur…
  • Seems like Bento and Contactizer Pro automatically link with Apple's address book. Daylite seems to offer features of flexible syncing which sounds great. I'm also considering using Direct Mail's database.
  • Anyone have any suggestions for a pro contact manager? I'm considering Bento or my Penpower card scanner software. Definitely not Entourage.
  • Hi bbwi, Thanks for the info. I setup the Airport Express for roaming last night. The documentation on this feature, even within Apple's 77 page "Designing Airport Networks" was quite limited. I'm also planning to purchase the Quickertek solut…