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  • I must say that I am really enjoying these little history lessons along with the feature previews. Thanks for putting the time into these interesting articles!
  • Whoa... Your pacing, framing, editing and camera motion are all really good. The artwork is beautiful. Even if animation doesn't pan out for you as a career, you'd probably make a fine film director, given your natural sense of shot. Keep …
  • I recommend the PX100s over the PX200s for most people. The 200s require a good seal to sound good (and they DO sound good with a good seal). the 100s are an open design, which does not require a seal. They are the best headphones under $50 I hav…
  • The same thing happened to my mother in Germany--she didn't flip the switch on her curling iron and fried it. I brought several devices with auto-switching transformers (like Apple uses) and had no problems at all. For any appliance, be sure to …
  • I have a mini, and I've found that it really depends on your monitor. On my spare VGA CRT at home, it looked great. On my 21" Trinitron at work, it looks dim, and I had to bump up the gain on all channels to make it look better. Incidently, I h…
  • I highly recommend these as a superb replacement for the iPod headphones. Not only are they white, so you get that iconic look, they sound fantastic. headphone.com is also a very reliable place to research and buy headphones, btw.
  • Quote: Originally posted by pbaker05 I have two BT's and I don't seem to like either one. It seems the tracking is eratic. Does anyone else have this problem? Make sure you have the Bluetooth upgrade. I've heard of problems if the most rec…
  • Part of the reason I like the single button mouse so much is the fact that it is much easier on my hand for the sort of work I do. I am an electrical engineer and, when drawing schematics, I click *all day* with very little actual typing. At the…
  • I never though I'd say this, but I came to the same conclusion. I've had an old Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (5 buttons) for a few years, and several other good multi-button mice because I was convinced that I needed the extra buttons. But e…
  • Here is a very comprehensive review. Looks like an excellent printer... Congrats!
  • Quote: Originally posted by iDave ... This is not to say I'm not bummed out that Apple screwed me for ordering my mini on the first day. \ iDave, You might want to call Apple to be sure. I have heard that the 4x in the original specs wa…
  • Some people on the Apple forums are reporting kernel panics using Kingston 1G PC2700 memory. Apple is apparently shipping minis with PC3200, although the mini FAQ states that either is compatible and that there is no benefit to using PC3200. The…
  • Among the best aftermarket earphones you can get for the iPod, and one of the best places to research and buy them: http://www.headphone.com/layout.php?...tID=0020100007
  • Ah... I was confused. Thanks!
  • Didn't Option-Shift while launching used to rebuild the library in iPhoto 4? Doing so with iPhoto 5 seems to allow you to create a new library or select one. Is this a new feature? If so, it is most welcome!
  • I could be mistaken, but I believe that the column view is only disabled for Spotlight search results, where the column view wouldn't be relevant.