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  • Quote: Originally posted by Elderloc If third parties and apple stores are getting them must be something holding the dam custom ones up Rumor has it that 1 Gig Memory Modules and 250GB Hard Drives are causing delays.
  • Quote: Originally posted by MacUsers Is the 1.8GHz model worth the extra bucks from the 1.6? Who has expreience with the two? IMHO, Yes. Faster RAM, more RAM capacity, bigger HD, PCI-X, better GFX card. Quote: Is PCI-X backwards compa…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ti Fighter well it is heavy 58 lbs....which means almost 20lbs for the packaging.
  • Not all of them are stupid. Quote: 14. Do something creative with the design of the box and separate yourselves from the pack. The original Macs stood out because of their innovative look. Repeat that. Get the folks at Porsche to design a box. Or …
  • Yup. Should get here tomorrow (shipped the 17th). Apple did upgrade my shipping (back in June or July) but shortly changed it back to bestway.
  • Well, my tracking just got updated with a "Arrived at FedEx sort facility" dated 9/20 and a "Scanned at FedEx sort facility" dated 9/23. Maybe I'll get it today; estimated date is still tomorrow.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Tidris The latest status on Tuesday morning is "Departed FedEx sort facility". The previous status was "Scanned at FedEx facility." Yeah, but that's still a Sacramento scan. Still waiting....
  • Quote: Originally posted by machem My iSight looked like it was scanned early, and often: No, this is consistant with Joe's theory. Scanned at origin and at destination. Damn speed limits.
  • I got a Logitech Dual Optical while ago. It was fine for a while, but the pads started falling off. Then, recently, it started jumping around a lot and I noticed the light was off some of the time. They do have a 5-year warranty, but I just got a…
  • Quote: Originally posted by joe_it Relax, that is common practice for Fed Ex. They will only scan your package a few times. 1. When it leaves the city it is coming from. 2. When it gets REALLY close to the destination. You should see it…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Tidris Never mind. As of Monday night everything is now good. The package was scanned in Sacramento and I have a delivery date. Let me know if it ever gets past Sacramento. Mine was scanned in Sacramento 5 days ag…
  • Quote: Originally posted by craig12co I only ordered 1099. Must be my problem. From the email posted above: Quote: If you prefer, you may change or cancel your order anytime before it is shipped. Order one more! There is hope for you y…
  • Quote: Originally posted by craig12co Damn my poverty ridden student life! You are right, that is what I get for ordering just long enough after they were introduced (07/06) for Apple to know I love them but I dont LOVE them. How can I make you …
  • Does anyone know for sure if the really early versions(pre-PLEM) of VPC will run on a G5? Is there any reason they won't run in Classic?
  • Quote: Originally posted by craig12co Some of the MacNN posts seem to be suggesting that the email is automatically sent when your "day" arrives without the computer shipping. Regardless, I am calling an bitching until I get something free. This…
  • I have a tracking number, but the last entry in the tracking web page is "Departed FedEx sort facility" around 7am 9/18 in Sacramento. Estimated Delivery Date is 9/24. Is this just because it isn't being scanned while it is making its way across t…
  • For those in the first batch (those who had a 8/29 date at some point) who haven't gotten a shipping notice yet, did you CTO a 250GB drive or more than 1GB of RAM? It's rumored that the bigger drives and 1GB RAM modules are causing delays.
  • Quote: Originally posted by mark_wilkins That's because you keep opening it to remind yourself that you're on A NEW G5!!!! -- Mark Nope. First launch, right after initial startup.
  • Apple System Profiler responds instantly for me, for both main tab and devices and volumes. 1.8 stock + 1 gig extra ram.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Alexander Yup, just got my tracking number. Ordered the day of. Stock? or CTO?