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  • Does anyone know where the Cube with all the stuff is located at? Maybe someone is in that part of the country and could do something about it?
  • I used to IT Admin at a law firm. Now I'm a student, so I do work study at the university helpdesk--next semester I'll be in the Information Technology Associates Program here at DePauw, where I get a free laptop and a raise at my helpdesk job. …
  • Dual 800 G4 1.5 gigs RAM 3x80gig drives internal 6x80 drives firewire external Three Cinema Displays side to side Kensington TurboMouse
  • Then use a spinoff brand name. The Enterprise market is a major cash cow. If the G5 is as big as it sounds, 64 way G5 servers running an ultra tight version of OS X would kick some serious ass. IT Departments don't buy Apple stuff, because th…
  • I concur. But what Apple needs to do is to expand its brand to yuppie business owners. We have a UNIX core now, we should be utilising it with an Enterprise push. Hardcore servers, terminals, business workstations. The Cube had great potenti…
  • Apple has, is, and always will be a premium brand. You have to expect their stuff to cost more. I have several friends with VAIOs and they curse them daily. It's a nice specsheet, but what about reliablity? That P4 1.5ghz is NOT as fast as it so…
  • How about a general PDA forum? Newton is dead, but Mac users use other PDAs than Newtons. Palm users, and PocketPC users might need some help or want to talk about the latest and greatest (well, only greatest if you have a PocketPC) of their platf…
  • LOL! Yeah Groverboy had a fun time at the monkey. My pics are at My Dorm Room
  • I wouldn't go really don't want to. Trust me. MacMonkey's doing fine, but it's usually slow on the weekends, because most of our posters post at work. I'm in college and am simply awaiting tonight when I can get sloshed--and ho…
  • Yup. Motorola should stop working on the G5 and just make bunches of vaccuum tubes. Then we can say Macs are faster because they are bigger than people's houses.
  • eh. Okay. *Throws away cordless phone and cellphone, trashes microwave, and computer that uses microprocessor in exchange for rotary phone, radarange, and a couple of vaccuum tubes.
  • So? If it weren't for rotary dial telephones we wouldn't have cellphones and cordless phones...does that mean everyone should use Ma Bell rotary model phones instead of Motorolas, GEs, or Nokias?
  • I have a newton, but then I bought a real PDA. iPaq 3150.
  • They can make nuclear weapons that fit in suitcases, but those are either extremely low yield (one or two city blocks, with little fallout), or they are unable to obtain them because only we have the technology to produce high yield weapons in small…
  • My gawd. I pretty much kept the same wardrobe all through high school. It cost less than $500. I still wear most of that stuff. Now, computer stuff...maybe I spend that much in different places.
  • I think I'm going to throw up. I 98% agree with groverat. I just think we should stop trade with China, just a few weeks before we invade.
  • [quote]Originally posted by macoracle: Mark, nonhuman. You managed to make a thread about a flippin world language in to a political discussion....I believe the Americans say: oh my God! I would love for Chinese to be the world language actually…
  • [quote]Originally posted by murbot: I really get excited over a Smirnoff Ice. It's a pre-mixed Smirnoff Vodka Lemonade in a bottle. I toss a couple in the freezer for 40 minutes so they're just on the verge of freezing. Delicious. I'm also parti…
  • These two drinks were invented by yours truly in my dorm room during Monon Bell and kick ass. 69 1/2 shot amaretto 1/2 shot root beer cover with whipped cream McLaren 1/3 shot grape soda 1/3 shot everclear 1/3 shot grape soda (MUST laye…
  • Libertarian all the way. Do whatever the **** you want, so long as you cause no harm to anyone else.