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  • My friend bought a broad from overseas. I think she came from Russia. She was nuts. I would not recommend it.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by rageous continuing on... 11) So here we're listening to some classical music... this stuff really helps you wind down after a tough day at work. Sit back, relax, and sip some Earl Grey. 12) I'm really likin…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Argelius I've read through the forums about problems people are having with the CD/DVD drives, but this one seems unique. My MacBook will read: commercial DVDs and CDs (movies, music and data) Blank recordable CDs…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Slewis Ah... well unfortunately help with FiOS requires experience with FiOS and it's not very widespread... True, but when it works it is fast. Also, I think my slow download speed has more to do with the old air…
  • I have Fios at home. Works great on some computers but not all. Computers using ethernet get 15 MB down and 2 MB up. Machines using the original airport only get 3 MB down and 2 MB up. Don't know why and nobody seems to be willing to help....
  • I thought upgrade pricing was $99.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Placebo These were submitted anonymously to AppleInsider recently: Good: Dual-Core 2GHz Intel Xeon, 512MB DDR 667, ATI Radeon X1600 Pro, 250GB Hard Drive,$1799 Better: Dual-Core 2.33GHz Intel Xeon, 1GB DDR2 667, …
  • That is gorgeous. Makes my iMac look like a hobbled together piece of crap.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Merovingian The MacBook is what I refer to here. I think the MacBook will be a great hit, if they do the following: Don't put in an integrated graphics chip, like the Mac mini. Apparently components will be share…
  • I actually agree with the first couple of points. But, Apple will not abandon the PPC. Not going to happen. Also, you have a point with the iBook, but Apple does do stupid things every now and then.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Mac Voyer Conventional wisdom takes another bullet. Dvorak looks a little more sane and Dell/HP/Gateway ought to be shaking in their boots. Good times. People keep forgetting that Apple is a business and Steve Jo…
  • Wow, I never saw this coming. Amazing. I guess it is a safe bet that Apple will have virtualization in Leopard. This may make Apple's Mac sales rocket.
  • Quote: Originally posted by D.J. Adequate Yeah, it would make a lot of sense for Apple to abandon the high-profit hardware/software model they have used to make money these last few years to instead pursue a low-margin, high-risk consumer electro…
  • Regardless, it is a possibility. Apple sells hardware. If they could sell a computer with a Mac "theme" for XP or whatever, they will do it. Apple is a business. Simple as that. If they feel more people will buy their machines with a MS OS, they wil…
  • Why not Sossaman? It is to be released in early 2006 and is just a SMP version of the Yonah. Right?
  • Yup, Ebby is right. You need to get the DVI to ADC converter. We have a bunch of ADC displays that are just sitting around, unused. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
  • Quote: Originally posted by hxc04 I do understand why people still run OS 9. I have only had my iBook since July so someone please fill me in on this one. Huh?\
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  • Quote: Originally posted by Programmer Yeah, and I've got this bridge I could sell ya... MOSR sounds like the old IRAQ information minister. Crazy. Those guys have no clue. I want to meet the people that actually donate money to those fools! …
  • I also don't think that you will see a Intel Powermac until Photoshop is universal. The same can be said of the Apple pro apps.