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  • I have both a 5 MP Sony digital camera and Sony Camcorder with 1 MP still image capability. I just use the camcorder stills for emergency only. Sony does have a 2 MP still function in their MV camcorder, but stay away from MV, as it is almost imposs…
  • I believe we will start to see some of the Blue Ray technology based recorders coming out this year. I believe the data versions will start at about 25 GB for single layer single sided, and eventually go to 100 GB dual layer dual sized. I don't supp…
  • If you're at all interested in getting a MiniDV camecorder, I believe that the Sony models allow pass-through, converting analog signals from a source (VCR or non-digital camcorder) to DV and then on to the Mac through the FW cable. This way, you no…
  • I believe these are the following formats from the DVD Forum DVD-R DVD-RW DVD-RAM The competing group is the DVD+RW forum, or whatever, which supports DVD+R and DVD+RW. The Sony drive supports all but DVD-RAM, and also includes CD-R and CD-R…
  • Nano, I tried using the DiscCopy utility to erase the disc, but it won't recognize DVD+RW, only DVD-RW. Still can figure this out, since I can erase data discs, just not DVD Video discs.
  • I believe one of the main differences between FW and USB is that FW devices can communicate with eachother without having a CPU involved. This was behind the idea of using FW (Sony's i.Link) to be able to connect various consumer electronic devices.…
  • Another question to a post I saw on the DVD2one forum. If you have a DVD with multiple episodes such as the Sopranos, is it possible to split the video instead of compressing all the shows to single disc?
  • Did my first backup of one of my DVDs last night using DVDBackup 1.3. The instructions said I could burn this directly to a DVD using Toast as long as I gave it the same name as the original. So it looks like, if the filem and associated files are l…
  • We sat in an auditorium that probably held about 200-300 people, plus there were overflow rooms. Probably no more that 400+ total. Most shareholders just send in their proxies.
  • To attend, you just have to be a stockholder. I only have 100 shares, but all stockholders get notices of the meeting. If you're close (I only live about 6 miles from Apple) you can attend.
  • ast3r3x, I meant, did you use DVD Backup or OSeX first?
  • ast3r3x, What app did you use for decryption?
  • AirSluf, Now that I've put my DVD-RAM drive in a FW enclosure, the system is not recognizing it. The drive is set to Master, and this is the same enclosure I was using for my DVD-RW drive before I switched them. Any ideas?
  • AirSluf, Thanks much for the detailed directions. Everything worked exactly as stated, including the difficulty of removing the power connector.
  • Pardon my ignorance. It says in the Read Me file that you need to get a decrypting program first to use this. Any suggestions?
  • Apple has such a small market share that they have to protect their business. With Microsoft, they act because many other small companies may make better, more innovative products.
  • There are three problems with this: Support Support Support When Apple has control over everything inside, support is far easier. One of the big problems PC makers face are all the third party add-ins. With margins being cut very low, suppor…
  • I have the same problem, with one slight difference. If I can buy a 1.42 GHz system with 23" display for 25% discount, and with the history of using computers for 3-5+ years, is this still a good deal? Any comments?
  • Here is my understanding of the situation. The Sony drives used by Apple read and write to all the formats (except DVD-RAM), but will have some of the functionality disabled in firmware. The formats most compatible with DVD video players, incl…
  • Maybe that's it - you have to be stoned to buy a Dell!