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  • You have a Rage 128 graphics card, you need a Radeon or better card for QE. Sorry
  • I don't beleive that panther has support for hardware DVD decoding, however you could try third part programs like VLC to play DVDs.
  • Beige g3 isn't officially supported, but the author of xpostfacto is working on an update to make it work.
  • The Quadra was not an LC. in 1991 Apple introduced the Quadra 700 and 900 as the first 68040 macs. They were not cheap. But eh point is well taken in terms of case size. The Quadra 700 and other Mac IIS it shared it's case with were well designed. i…
  • Check out the picture gallery. It actually says "iBook g4" on the machine itself. I do not believe that Apple has ever done this on a consumer machine.
    in iBook G4 Comment by jdbon2 October 2003
  • But not to forget: A 90nm PPC 970 is also quite definitely needed in order to get PowerBooks and iMacs to G5, because of the heat issues. [/B][/QUOTE] Exactly. I think that 90nm G5's in Pbooks and iMacs is more important than a speedbump for…
  • It's a real company. The 3.8ghz PC is an overclocked 3.2. Look at the cooling on this thing, it's basically a refrigerator. As for the design of the site, I say flattery is the highest form of complement. I mean, it's not like Apple is really trying…
  • I see esk, cahtaruhl...
  • I would recomend a usb audio device. They can be found for about 50 dollars and are generally better than built in audio. Plus you can use them with laptops.
  • Quartz extreme requires a radeon or better or any nvidia video card. There is a hack to get QE on PCI video cardlink
  • Music player won't run on newer version of OS X, only Public Beta, AFAIK
  • Yes, however a defrag utiltiy is not included with Mac OS X. Disk Warrior and Drive 10 can defragment your drive, however they are not cheap, and the importance of defragging your drive with Mac OS X is not the same as with Windows.
  • You will need an amp because of the phono pre-amp. Hook the record player to to the phono input of the receiver, and run a rca to mini-jack adapter from the tape out of the receiver to the audio in of the iMac. Sound studio is a free app that can im…
  • Try resetting the PRAM. Hold Command Option P-R at startup. Keep holding it and let the computer reboot several times. You might also try resetting the motherboard by pressing the cuda button. Its a small red button on the motherboard. Press and hol…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiah So can you do all of these things with a 32bit OS on a 64bit CPU, or do you need a 64bit OS as well? I'm not sure, but I would think that one would need a 64bit aware OS to run 64bit software, and a 64bit…
  • That's ridiculous. the 17inch is here to stay. If the 15inch goes 970, then the 17inch will as well, or it will be reduced in price dramatically until a 970 17inch is introduced.
  • Exactly. The 970 works fine in 32bit mode. Even if Panther were released tomorrow, do you think there will be any 64 bit apps? Developers will get their copies of Panther at WWDC, as well as 970 macs. The developers will start developing 64bit appli…
  • The determining factor for 970s in a powerbook is heat and power usage. If power and heat are an issue, I'd say that Apple should use the slowest 970, and underclock it. Even at 1ghz, the 970 still smokes a G4.
  • The store is opening at the Walt Whitman Mall May 10th
  • The sooner they get these machines out the better. though the Powermac is not Apple's education mac, I see mostly Powermacs used throughout my university. May and June is the time educational institutions make their buying decisions and getting thes…