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  • The Apple Pro Display XDR brings 6K to the Mac for $4999

    It has a VESA mount, so there are plenty of alternatives.
    You can buy a VESA mount.

    I really have no idea who the $1000 stand is aimed at? And the perception factor is way off - if Apple wanted to reinforce the opinion that they are an overpriced, luxury brand for people with more money than sense, this stand will do it.

    P.S. Perhaps for those in the know in the niche that use this sort of monitor a $1000 stand is reasonable. But the to the ignorant masses it seems laughably overpriced.
  • Photos: Apple's secretive race for new Silicon Valley office space

    Why? CA real estate is crazy expensive. The cost of housing in CA in insane. There have been several stories about people leaving CA for cheaper & better places to live (I knew people who did it way back in the 80s). In this age of Slack, Skype, discord, and all the other online meeting & collaboration tools, why build a big office with a high concentration of people in a very expensive place?

    As a shareholder, that almost borders on poor use of Apple's money. High real estate cost + high housing costs = higher salaries = less profit. Put a campus somewhere nice, but cheaper to live like NC or Atlanta.
  • Apple's $4,999 all-in-one iMac Pro launches Thursday, Dec. 14

    I'm just saying that not everyone actually *needs* or even necessarily wants all of the things that are included in the Mac experience.
    From page 3:
     > I don't see many people who prefer to spec out a machine optimized for their specific use case to be happy - especially, smaller pros & semi-pros who are cost conscious.

    Most of the following pages are people pointing out differently configured & optimized DIY systems. Proving the point.

    Apple is making a system with a limited number of options. I expect most people will end up paying more for some component than they need/want to. But if it is business money - and especially big business money - it all gets depreciated away and labor costs & revenue earned will far overshadow a few hundred or even thousand dollars extra paid.
  • Wall Street raises targets as Apple wows with iPhone 8 launch quarter, hype grows for iPho...

    Folio said:
    They only give AAPL a 15x multiple, which they note is high by its historical standards. 
    Meanwhile, P/Es for Apple's peers
    Alphabet/Google: 35x
    Amazon: 278x
    Microsoft: 28x

    AAPL is still very cheap (and/or those other companies are overpriced).