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  • Apple introduces new Apple Silicon Mac mini with $699 price tag

    KidGloves said:
    So, so close... Looks incredible. I could put up with 16GB of RAM but I see this only supports 2 monitors. I need 3 with my setup. Doh!

    You may want to check the details on that. I run two external monitors on my MBP using a dock/hub. It might be possible to run multiple monitors using an external device that supports multiple monitors. May also depend on the resolution of the multiple monitors. Are you running 3x4k? Or will 1080 work?
  • Apple allocates $400M towards $2.5B California housing crisis initiative

    As a shareholder, I'd rather have the cash as dividends. CA has deep systemic issues with housing costs. I remember people fleeing there in the 1980s & 90s. This is not a new problem.
  • First ARM Mac said to arrive in 2021 with custom Apple chip

    What does this imply for Windows VMs and BootCamp? Like it or not, the business world is still dominated by Windows, and being able to run Windows is a must have for many people.

    Apple dominates in the phone & tablet markets, and can support custom CPUs there, but do they really want to take on the desktop CPU world? Or are Intel & AMD saddled with lots of legacy cruft that Apple would be well-served to get away from? But I still fear becoming too divergent from the dominant desktop CPU architecture will end up hurting them.
  • The Apple Pro Display XDR brings 6K to the Mac for $4999

    Well, you got one part right. This sort of equipment is not for you.
    Can you please enlighten me & the rest of the masses on what makes Apple's stand worth $1000?
    The monitor I understand - it's very high-end with features most users don't need or care about, but those who do are willing to pay the money for - and it is cheaper than similarly featured monitors. Great. How does that comparison work with the stand? If $1000 is a fair price, what makes it so?
  • The Apple Pro Display XDR brings 6K to the Mac for $4999

    It has a VESA mount, so there are plenty of alternatives.
    You can buy a VESA mount.

    I really have no idea who the $1000 stand is aimed at? And the perception factor is way off - if Apple wanted to reinforce the opinion that they are an overpriced, luxury brand for people with more money than sense, this stand will do it.

    P.S. Perhaps for those in the know in the niche that use this sort of monitor a $1000 stand is reasonable. But the to the ignorant masses it seems laughably overpriced.