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  • Health Canada tells users to ask Apple when they'll get the Watch ECG app

    September with all the new OS versions is when I expect it. Until then no sense in whining about it.
  • Samsung exec says Galaxy Fold finally 'ready to hit the market'

    You guys are spending too much time talking about the display and folding issues.

    The real problem with the Galaxy Fold is it runs Android. The operating system that's complete and utter garbage on a tablet. So you have a clunky Android phone with a small screen that folds out into a useless Android tablet. You don't get the best of both worlds - you get the worst. A regular large screen Android phone (like the S10+ or Note) is substantially better than the Fold.
  • App Store continues to vastly outpace Google Play in consumer spending

    MacPro said:
    It must be a nightmare for Android developers when so few users update and so many versions of the OS out there on so many disparate types of hardware.

    It's not as hard as it used to be since Google has been moving APIs into Google Play Services. Which is funny as people still pretend Android is open source, when Android is basically useless without Google Play Services (which is 100% closed source).

    The real fragmentation issue with Android these days is the wide range of devices sold and the fact that most of them are low-end. If you create an App that requires a flagship device (and a fast processor) you're severely limiting your target audience.
  • TSMC enters mass production of 'A13' chips in preparation for 2019 iPhone launch

    avon b7 said:
    avon b7 said:

    Intel launches new processors. No one doubts they exist and have been launched. No one claims they only exist once they appear in a product. That's crazy.

    Uhh Intel “launches” processors sometimes a full 6 months before they appear in any products, maybe longer. Happened a couple years ago with some chips they announced in January and you couldn’t even get intel’s own NUC with those H chipsets until August. I don’t see any reason to claim that they’ve actually “launched” in reality until you can buy them in a product. 
    The difference in that regard - and as mentioned above - is that when Huawei launches processors, they have already been in mass production for months.

    I don’t know whether your attempts to prove this bullshit are hilarious or pathetic.

    Are you so fucking stupid you don’t realize Apple would also have internal development boards for testing/verification long before they release an iPhone? Or that they would have gone through several revisions before committing to mass production of the final version? Or do you think Huawei is the only company that does this?

    Given the fact Apple designs their own custom cores (while Huawei has to rely on ARM doing the work for them) it’s a certainty that Apple would be doing more in the verification stage than Huawei since they’re trying new designs that haven’t been tested by anyone else. Apple releasing an A12 and A12X also back this up - two new designs with significant internal differences.

    I know it’s painful to accept. Maybe Huawei will grow up one day and figure out how to design a processor on their own
  • TSMC enters mass production of 'A13' chips in preparation for 2019 iPhone launch

    tmay said:
    Huawei will make another “announcement” just before the next iPhone releases claiming they have the worlds first N7 processor in the world.
    Last year's 980 was about the same die size as the A12, and near the same transistor count, with the A12 again having about a  20% edge in performance. I don't expect that differential to change much this round. The big question in everyone's mind: will Huawei double down on another benchmark cheat?

    There won’t be anything big from Huawei this year. They (and Qualcomm) got lucky last year in that ARM finished their A76 core design in time to coincide with TSMC 7nm production. The “stars aligned” as they say, and that’s why the Kirin 980 was good (though still behind Apple).

    This year there’s no new ARM cores to use, so all they can hope for are minor improvements from the slight change that N7 Pro will bring to their existing cores.

    Meanwhile Apple gets the upgrade from N7 along with whatever changes they make to their custom cores. Nobody is going to touch the A13 this year, or well into 2020.