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  • Epson's EcoTank ET-4760 review: a multi-function powerhouse at a steep price

    Last September 2020 when our printer died this was the only in stock printer.  The price hurt! The review is completely truthful.  One thing that just happened in the last week is: I got rid of my router and am now using the one in the Comcast gateway box.  After I did that it printed garbage from laptops & desktops until I removed, restarted, re-added the printer.  Ok good so far. Unfortunately my iOS devices cannot find it anymore.  I have bigger tech issues with Comcast’s lack of reliability and Comcast always telling me it’s my equipment; now saying it’s my hub switch.  I’ll revise this comment once I get AirPrint to work from our iPhones & iPads.
  • Apple opening up repair parts and tools to more third-party repair shops

    I went to Apple Store in Schaumberg, IL because my iPhone 6s+ had trouble charging.  I was told it was the iPhone 6s+ and not the new lighting plug cord.  I was told by the Apple employee that Apple would not repair it.   The Apple employee told me it was time for a new iPhone.   I looked up a repair store on iFixit and found one nearby which also happened to be in Schaumberg.   The technician hesitated to replace the lightning port because according to him most of the time it’s the motherboard. The technician did replace the lightning port, and if I remember correctly, the charge was about $60, however told me it was no longer water resistant.  He showed me the tiny rubber water seal and I certainly could understand why he told me it was no longer water resistant - I could live with it. The tech thought I would be back within a week, and told me he could order the motherboard. Well, it’s been over six months now, and I haven’t had any charging issues. So rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone, my iPhone 6s+ is still charging. I will spend hundreds of dollars if not over 1000, when I get my next iPhone.  I would like this one to last as long as possible, and pass it on to a friend or family member who doesn’t have an iPhone.  By passing along my old iPhone's two households have become Apple customers, yet both households told me initially they would never have purchased Apple products because of the high price; each household now has multiple Apple products.
  • There is no difference between how Apple is handling Roger Stone's or the San Bernardino s...

    Ditto what Rob53 said.
    I would like a refresher course on iCloud backups.  I believe mine is encrypted.  Remember leakgate of celebrities a few years ago. I wonder why someone in the public eye (Stone) would not completely encrypt their Apple devices; especially the iCloud backup.  
  • Review: New Tile Mate and Tile Pro with replaceable batteries, premium subscription plan

    You don’t mention it requires tile users nearby to locate your tile.  When I visit my in-laws in LA their are so many tiles compared to Chicago where I live.   Of course tile doesn’t tell you how many are nearby,  When I got my first tile many years ago I couldn’t even find another tile user nearby.  Just like when in-laws had me switch to Waze years ago - incredible in LA traffic and Chicago traffic terrible not much use.  Both much better now but still many more users in CA in my opinion.