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  • Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max with always-on display

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    We're on the right track, and I'd be interested...but for the lightning port. I don't need this upgrade, so I'll likely be waiting another cycle. Maybe the iP15 comes with USB-C (or no port at all) and the always on lockscreen and dynamic island. 

    In your attempt to claim you won't upgrade because of the Lightning connector, you hurt your own argument by saying that "no port at all" would also be acceptable.
    If you really wanted the supposed benefits of a USB-C port, then having no port at all certainly wouldn't provide them. Therefore, if you were really considering an upgrade, the port would not be part of your decision process.
    @mike1 ;
    Well I’m still on iPhone6s+ and do have lightening port issues.  I finally read a blog by an electrical engineer that explained the carbon build up on the plug.  I’ve had the battery replaced twice by Apple.  Apple refused to replace the lightening port, Apple employee at Genius Bar said it wasn’t possible. Drove 10 minutes down the street to a strip mall with the cell phone repair shop; he said it wasn’t the lightning port but he was willing to do it for 40 US dollars.  Guess what it was the lightning port. Been working just fine now for three years. I get about 6 months out of my Apple lightening plug wires before the carbon builds up.  I do love my iPad Pro with the M1 chip. I love the USB-C plug on it. So if my iPhone 6s+ can last another year I’ll wait. I thought the European Union was kind of forcing Apple to use the USB-C port; I could be wrong.
    What carbon build-up?  I'm still rocking an XS Max from 4 years ago and have never had any sort of carbon build-up.  I did have to clean out lint once from the lightning port.  SIM changing tool makes that easy.  I learned that problem and solution from an Apple Genius on an earlier iPhone. 

    Lightning Port is more reliable than USB-C, which tends to become unreliable (see recent AI article on USB-C cabling and the comments section for details).  Problem with lightning is the data speed. 
    It’s not in the lighting port.  It’s the cable connection.  One gold pin eventually gets black carbon build up on it.  I’m a design professional which is why I kept looking for a solution.  I do remember the engineer commenting that if the port and plug was just a bit tighter it would not happen.  Maybe Apple fixed the issue in later models of iPhones.  Now that I’m no longer excited (as I was Wednesday) I think I’ll just wait until my iPhone6s+ dies.  

    When I consider how much money I have spent over the years on Apple Hardware I have to say it’s probably the best return for length of use/life (vs other hardware, Windows, Specific Land Surveying Robotics, GNSS, certainly surveying hardware allows me to earn an income).   Apple hardware is updated for a long time and continues to work (although slow).  So I’ll probably buy the top of the line iPhone again with the expectations that it’ll last 7+ years.  Buy new hardware when it does something that is ‘game changing’ or when your old hardware dies.   For example I’m carefully monitoring how the LiDAR camera on the iPhone is being used as a handheld survey grade accurate scanner.  It’s amazing to me what can be done in the university lab and under controlled outdoor conditions.   I expects that when Apple next upgrades the LiDAR camera on the iPhone I (and many other surveyors) will purchase it immediately — provided they work out (finish) the survey grade LiDAR software before the LiDAR camera is upgraded.
  • Epson's EcoTank ET-4760 review: a multi-function powerhouse at a steep price

    Last September 2020 when our printer died this was the only in stock printer.  The price hurt! The review is completely truthful.  One thing that just happened in the last week is: I got rid of my router and am now using the one in the Comcast gateway box.  After I did that it printed garbage from laptops & desktops until I removed, restarted, re-added the printer.  Ok good so far. Unfortunately my iOS devices cannot find it anymore.  I have bigger tech issues with Comcast’s lack of reliability and Comcast always telling me it’s my equipment; now saying it’s my hub switch.  I’ll revise this comment once I get AirPrint to work from our iPhones & iPads.
  • Apple opening up repair parts and tools to more third-party repair shops

    I went to Apple Store in Schaumberg, IL because my iPhone 6s+ had trouble charging.  I was told it was the iPhone 6s+ and not the new lighting plug cord.  I was told by the Apple employee that Apple would not repair it.   The Apple employee told me it was time for a new iPhone.   I looked up a repair store on iFixit and found one nearby which also happened to be in Schaumberg.   The technician hesitated to replace the lightning port because according to him most of the time it’s the motherboard. The technician did replace the lightning port, and if I remember correctly, the charge was about $60, however told me it was no longer water resistant.  He showed me the tiny rubber water seal and I certainly could understand why he told me it was no longer water resistant - I could live with it. The tech thought I would be back within a week, and told me he could order the motherboard. Well, it’s been over six months now, and I haven’t had any charging issues. So rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone, my iPhone 6s+ is still charging. I will spend hundreds of dollars if not over 1000, when I get my next iPhone.  I would like this one to last as long as possible, and pass it on to a friend or family member who doesn’t have an iPhone.  By passing along my old iPhone's two households have become Apple customers, yet both households told me initially they would never have purchased Apple products because of the high price; each household now has multiple Apple products.
  • There is no difference between how Apple is handling Roger Stone's or the San Bernardino s...

    Ditto what Rob53 said.
    I would like a refresher course on iCloud backups.  I believe mine is encrypted.  Remember leakgate of celebrities a few years ago. I wonder why someone in the public eye (Stone) would not completely encrypt their Apple devices; especially the iCloud backup.  
  • Review: New Tile Mate and Tile Pro with replaceable batteries, premium subscription plan

    You don’t mention it requires tile users nearby to locate your tile.  When I visit my in-laws in LA their are so many tiles compared to Chicago where I live.   Of course tile doesn’t tell you how many are nearby,  When I got my first tile many years ago I couldn’t even find another tile user nearby.  Just like when in-laws had me switch to Waze years ago - incredible in LA traffic and Chicago traffic terrible not much use.  Both much better now but still many more users in CA in my opinion.