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  • Five years after Steve Jobs: an Apple with the courage to say 'No'

    Jobs' "courage of conviction" in a variety of decisions related to the Macintosh and its future led to a solid user environment for desktop publishing but eventually met with resistance inside Apple, where Jobs' convictions on how to invest the company's profits and how to sell new hardware weren't unanimous. By 1986, Jobs chose to leave Apple and start over on a project he could more completely control: NeXT.

    Probably, DED knows more than we do. Heck, he even knows more than Isaacson!
    Cause, as far as I've read:
    - Jobs didn't choose to leave (he clamped to Apple)
    - Macintosh wasn't turning profits (Jobs was in charge only of Macintosh), on the contrary
    - HIs courage of conviction made the original Macintosh a huge flop
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  • Supply chain suggests Apple to see better-than-expected holiday season, analyst says

    I was 9 yrs with Apple's iPhone.
    Halo and all that stuff (iMac, iPad, a couple of iPhones - skipped the 5 series, iPad Pro)

    Just today, I bought my first Android phone. Costed me less than 200USD and it features a superb 13MP camera, Snapdragon quad core, 2Gb RAM, ... performance is terrific.

    All the apps work alike on iPhone and Android.
    Some seem to work better on Android (better integration of functions - Apple is still closing some stuff - yes, I know, you'll say with good reason, we've been there before).

    I guess, I realized that it's been a couple of years that there's nothing special to a smartphone.
    That it's become since long ago a commodity.

    Let's see how I can sync my calendar and contacts. I'll be just fine... paying 600USD less

  • Too soon? Apple's new iPhone 7 ruffles feathers with Lightning audio, Home button changes

    DED... words, words, words, ... trying to prove anything.

    Apple didn't go with the Lightning audio because Apple was afraid iPhone 5 and 5s might not catch?
    How strange is it after a paragraph under the heading "Innovation by fire".

    Does it mean Apple when inventing by destroying has "revert plans".
    Or that they don't trust their choices to fully go down the path?

    Maybe, just maybe it's DED drooling over his own clever words
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    I listened to Tim Cook trying to defend Apple's pitifully low tax rate on the BBC news this morning and it just sounded bad. Very bad PR. Attacking the EU is very unwise. All the people whose businesses pay tax at 20% are looking at this and saying why should Apple pay tax at less than 1%.
    As a life-long Apple evangelist, even I find this Apple hard to swallow.
    Fuck the EU.
    Ireland set its tax laws and Apple abided by them and greatly benefitted the country in the process.
    The most Ireland can do now is change their law but asking for back taxes is pure bullshit

    Fuck the companies that choose to pay 20% when 12% and lower is available them in Ireland.
    If these companies are too stupid or too lazy to take advantage of it then I say fuck them.  This is a competitive global economy and the EU is clearly not ready for it.

    The US government and American companies should target the EU back, hit them hard enough to get them dissolved.  To hell with any consequences to be fixed later.
    The EU is an ill conceived organization managed by idiots that should not exist.  The world would be better without them.
    So, what's your game plan?

    BTW: the EU has been at peace for over 70 years, thanks to the EC/EU. That's a record.
    By all means, this fact alone has made the world a far better place.
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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    Wrote it already, TC is handling this dossier very badly.

    First, a poorly written open letter, making amalgams of everything
    Now this. "Apple pays its fair share of taxes". 0.005 to 1% fair? Really?

    This is a battle Apple cannot win.
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