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  • MacBook Pro to drive mini LED use in displays industry-wide, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    Peza said:
    Well with the criticism Mini LED has attracted in the iPad Pro, and some TV's I'm not overly keen for it I must say. OLED or LCD is still king, micro LED is where they need to be but that's a way off yet. 
    I'd much rather an OLED screen option.
    The way your comment reads, it makes it sound like you don't understand that mini LED is simply an advanced backlight unit ("BLU") for LCD, and that it's not an alternate to LCD or OLED. (Micro LED is definitely an alternate though). 
  • Get ready for your $3 settlement check over FaceTime needing iOS 7

    $3.06? Yay! Now I can pay off my mortgage and buy that new car I've been wanting!
  • Twitter testing post downvote feature to help it understand conversations

    lkrupp said:
    Downvoting is something blogs tend to disable because it is often abused. There were a few blogs that, after a certain amount of downvoting, the targeted post was hidden. MacRumors allows a ‘disagree’ option. I wish AppleInsider would do something similar.
    You are probably referring to Ars as one that hides the posts with a lot of downvotes. I like their system, because you have to select one of a few choices as to why you up or down voted. I also like the total +/-, although most posts with high vote counts usually go almost all "+" or almost all "-".
  • Up to 16 HyperJuice 100W GaN chargers can be stacked on one outlet

    mknelson said:
    Quick (and possibly bad) math.

    That's over 12A at 120V.

    There's a pretty good chance that's going to pop your breaker!
    If you mean a stack of 16, yeah, that could pop a typical residential 15A breaker. You are not wrong in saying "over" 12A, but here's the math:

    The spec shows a 95% power efficiency, so say the one that delivers 100W draws 105W. That's .875A from a 120V receptacle. (W/V=A, so 105W/120V=.875A).

    You'd have to have a stack of 16 fully loaded to draw about 14A, so that would likely pop a 15A breaker.
  • Apple employees pen second letter asking for work-from-home options

    Apple is set to begin holding in-person work hours starting in September, with employees required to work in an office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Per that schedule, Wednesday and Friday can be work-from-home days.
    For staff that was previously required to be in the office 5 days/week, WFH 2 days a week seems pretty fair. Hopefully by September the rate of new Covid infections has dropped back down significantly.

    My office is phasing in return to office with 3 days/week WFH for the time being. I'd be happy to get 2 days/week WFH permanently. Heck, I'd even be happy with 1 day/week WFH.