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  • A new Mac Pro is coming, confirms Apple exec

    It’s not that apple can’t address GPUs not in the due, it’s that performance is lost when doing a pci-e type of setup. So they choose not to. 

    Be interesting to see how they solve that with either a multiple m series SOC connection network or a new SOC. 

    This simply isn't true. I'm getting very high GB6 Metal numbers (194703) with my eGPU on a 6 year-old iMac Pro, connected through a Thunderbolt 3 connection. The M2 Ultra MAY be faster than this with the on chip GPUs, but so far, the M1 Ultra is not.
  • Possible Mac Pro 'compute module' discovered in iOS 16.4 code

    If there was some code in the MacOS 13.3 Beta release, this may be a bit more believable.
  • Future Mac Pro may use Apple Silicon & PCI-E GPUs in parallel

    thadec said:

    So, there never has been any reason for Apple Silicon Macs not supporting discrete graphics via M.2, PCIE or Thunderbolt other than Apple simply not wanting to. Which was the same reason why Apple locked Nvidia out of the Mac ecosystem and had people stuck with AMD GPU options only: purely because they wanted to. My guess is that Apple believed that they were capable of creating integrated GPUs that were comparable with Nvidia Ampere and AMD Radeon Pro, especially in the workloads that most Mac Pro buyers use them for. Maybe they are, but the issue may be that it isn't cost-effective to do so for a Mac Pro line that will sell less than a million units a year.
    Absolutely 100% accurate! They simply "don't want to."  If my old iMac Pro can get top-notch graphics performance across a TB3 interface, there is simply no reason they couldn't do the same thing with ASi, whether through TB3 or a PCIe bus.

  • Future Mac Pro may use Apple Silicon & PCI-E GPUs in parallel

    This would be very useful if it comes to pass! It would give 3D graphics users the "best of both worlds," SOC GPUs and discrete GPUs.  My eGPU on my 6 year-old iMac Pro breathed new life into it.  While its CPU performance isn't even up to the original M1 performance, the eGPU performance blows away anything currently available on the ASi architecture, including the M2 Max.  Perhaps that advantage is short-lived if the M2 Ultra or M3 can increase the graphics performance!  For the record, the GB6 metal performance of my AMD eGPU is 194703.
  • Mac Studio may never get updated, because new Mac Pro is coming

    Oh and one more thing- Apple, whatever you are going to do just DO IT and stop all of the useless speculation!