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  • Silicon Valley's product strategy won't work with health care, says Apple veteran

    And, that DiseaseCare industry is supporting itself in every way that it can -- including blocking tech devices that promote health by not recognizing their utility to promote health.   They want to keep "healthcare" under their control and their umbrella.  And, they use the FDA as cover to block consumer grade medical devices from becoming "medical devices".  Another strategy is to create a culture among healthcare professionals to not trust these devices or recognize their utility.   So:  you go to a doctor and show him your results and he disses them and ignore them.
    That is, 75% of that $3 Trillion is spent treating the symptoms of chronic diseases -- 50% of which could have been prevented with a healthy lifestyle.   It is THAT that Apple and other tech products can impact by promoting healthy lifestyles -- and what our DiseaseCare industry is fighting tooth and nail.

    Pray tell, what "consumer grade medical devices" have been "blocked" by the FDA? 
  • Apple working on headlight system that could highlight road hazards for drivers

    Mercedes has had that technology for a while now and their new Maybach can already project images onto the road like this. 

    I welcome the the competition from Apple in the car space, but while they may be one of the most innovative consumer tech companies it’s going to be tough going up against their equal in the auto industry.
    While I am a Mercedes fan from way back, and they have brought a lot of firsts to the industry, that particular idea has no advantage over windshield display, and may even be distracting or useless in certain conditions. 

    I don't think potential Mercedes innovations should have any limiting effect on what Apple may do in the field. It's not winner take all.
  • Apple 'Gather round' 2018 iPhone event scheduled for September 12

    backstab said:
    Oh god! Please not the round computer screen thing again. Please no.

    Here's a reveal of the new desktop MacPro AIO. Can't innovate my ass.

  • Apple buys AR headset lens maker Akonia Holographics, fuels 'Apple Glasses' rumors

    melgross said:
    these would have to be so compelling that not wearing them would be seen as unusual. I don’t see that happening for a long time. For gaming, sure. But you won’t walk around while gaming with glasses on, at least, I hope not.

    for some specialized uses, I can see it. But that won’t drive the needed volume, which needs to be around 100 million a year for this to be viable. Otherwise costs will be too high. And what about standardization: we can’t have several companies all with their own standards. For console gaming, it sort of works, but even there it’s a problem. VR development is far more complex.
    melgross said:
    I’ve been saying, for a long time, that AR/VR glasses can’t cost more than $300. 
    I agree with you generally, but I'm not so sure that we can use the "Google Glass Paradigm" regarding how acceptable it would be to wear Apple Vision / Apple Specs / Apple Visor in public, non-gaming venues. Nobody looks twice at AirPods, and polychromic lenses are quite refined. More likely that everyone would be curious to try them. Anyhow, we shall see sometime in the next year or two.

    Re: the cost and production volume issues, I figure $699 - $899 is more the target price range. It will sync to your iPhone, and given what the potential uses and features might be, most would not bat an eye at such a purchase. And 100 million units annually is not really a barrier to production. The major expense is in the software and the several years of R&D costs incurred (and the latest acquisition, of course). The other thing is that this has carryover to other products, so the cost per unit is much less.

    To me, the battery is the barrier. Has Apple patented a fanny pack yet?
  • Woman sues feds over data retention after iPhone seized at border

    Mike, sorry but you thought it was relevant enough to cover in the story, why can't someone else comment on the fact that you mentioned it? You're being overly sensitive about "politicizing" things. 
    This is a topic that I have been over the reasons why the policy exists at least a dozen times. The reasons for it are well documented.
    Well, you're missing the point of my comment. It was about the level of your Politicizer Threshhold, not that it exists--which I get.

    But, oddly, Skil keeps posting overtly political comments without your reaction. Thousands of posts earns a bye?