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  • Apple uses Messages colors to bully Android users, says Google

    Ridiculous claim. 

    We the consumer are the only ones who can actually turn the identifying colors into a “bullying mentality”. 

    In the beginning there was only one color. Distinguishing between iMessages and a non-iMessage text became necessary as iMessages evolved. 

    In general, I think the color scheme was correct as iMessages were sent over as a “free” message that only required an internet connection while non-iMessages needed a cellular plan which cost money. 

    Blue=free message/iMessage 
    green=Cellular plan ($$$) 

    It wasn’t intended for just android users, it was a visual indicator for anything that would cost you money. 

    Green =💰 

    I appreciated the identifier. 
    To this day I have to have a plan to include SMS messages for non Apple uses. 

    If anything this is bullying. 

    What a dumb thing to suggest that Apple created this bullying mentality. 

    If anything apple solved a problem and created competition  to lower sms messaging plans. I still remember the days when was he text  messages were counted and if you went over a certain amount you were charged extra. 

    Sure, now most if not all plans include  unlimited calls and text messages, but let’s not forget that in the beginning we were all metered. 
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  • Apple's all-new AirPods support Spatial Audio for $179

    Japhey said:
    As Apple slowly spreads color through its entire product line, why do they insist on keeping their most personal one available only in white?
    I too would love different colors. 

    They keep it white Because they Want it to stand out in your ear and not go unnoticed. 

    I paid to have my AirPods Pro’s painted Matte black and nobody notices them in my ear. When I talk on the phone  they think I’m talking to them. 

    If they do notice it from me pointing it out, they ask which model it is assuming  it’s a Samsung or some generic model. 

    I recently lost them and  bought new “white” AirPods Pro and everyone seems see them and when I talk to someone with them in my ear  they assume I’m talking on the phone. 

    So, white does make a difference. 
  • Apple releases iOS 15.0.1 with Apple Watch Unlock, other bug fixes

    Final-Ality Apple Watch fatality  Unlocked!


    cue techno music
  • Apple will fix iPhone 13 'Unlock with Apple Watch' soon

    kssl13 said:
    Hi all, please try doing this which works for me.  Back up your iphone, do a factory reset of your iPhone, restore your iphone data from your back up.  After everything has been restored, try turning on the “unlock with Apple Watch” feature again.  It should work as i just did mine and it works like a charm now.  Thanks and good luck.  There is no need to wait for apple for a resolution. 
    Youch. . .  

    Just did that when my new phone arrived. Not prepared to wait another day for 150gig+ backup and login to various apps over again to see if it fixes it. 

    There’s obviously a bug in the software.  Mine was initially working with 13 Pro Max after back up, but then a day later it stopped. 

    I will admit that this is one of the best features they implemented with the Apple Watch as it saves countless daily password entering. 

    I’ll wait for a update. 
  • Apple TV+ review: Russo brothers' 'Cherry' an unsuccessful exploration of war, love and dr...

    Hank2.0 said:
    I'm surprised that Apple hasn't thought of getting the broadcast rights to a whole slew of tech history films/series such as "Halt and Catch Fire", "Silicon Valley" and, of course, the Steve Jobs films just to mention a few. (
    Most likely, those who own the rights or are the creators of those properties aren’t interested in selling or sharing to anyone much less Apple. 

    Concerning Steve Jobs, I’d be willing to guess that apple wants in no way to be associated with those artistic representations of Steve. 
    Having Apple possess or distribute those projects in any way most likely will send out the message that Apple condones or endorses these depictions of him which they (Apple) have many times gone on the record to say that they are inaccurate. 

    It’s more shocking that they haven’t (to my knowledge) funded their own projects about him. 

    It’s a difficult thing to do. 

    Its a problematic venture because no matter how good or “accurate” story Apple tells about Steve Jobs, they’ll always have their detractors. 

    So it’s a bit like p!$$ing in the wind. Any progress they make with such a project will always paint a easy target on them. 

    Still I’d like to see it.