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  • Blackstone-backed firm to acquire Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine

    melgross said:
    Apple should have used some of that $70 billion they threw away last quarter buying shares back on this instead. Maybe they also wouldn’t have had to take out another $6 billion plus in new debt either. Compared to those numbers, this is chicken feed.
    Apple didn't take out new debt because it "had to"; obviously, it has no need to do that, since it has plenty of cash on hand. Rather, this was a financial strategy.
  • Will Smith's 'Emancipation' filming stopped over COVID spread

    bluefire1 said:
    Sounds like a wonderful film which I would have enjoyed looking forward to, but their decision about filming in Georgia makes it a picture I’ll now skip.
    That's very nice that you wish to grandstand publicly about Georgia voter suppression laws that are racist and unconstitutional, but you really should keep your disgusting political views to yourself. Georgia earned this boycott fair and square, and deserves it.
  • HomePod family will support Apple Music Lossless eventually

    danox said:
    Japhey said:
    AppleZulu said:
    It’s a typo, I’m sure, but on the linked Apple support page, under “How to listen to lossless on your Apple TV 4K,” it says you should first “update your Apple TV 4K to tvOS 11.4.”

    We’ve had lossless for years and didn’t even know it!
    This has just been a spectacular own-goal from Apple from the jump. The Bluetooth lack of support for Apple Music Lossless wasn't a giant surprise, but the messaging surrounding it all has been replete with holes, wrong information, and modifications for the last five days.
    An “own-goal” is a great way to put it. Some of Apple’s moves the last few months have defied logic. I mean, why even announce lossless until it was supported by the audio lineup? I don’t own a HomePod, but if I did I would be pretty pissed off right now. I’m really hoping WWDC will bring some unexpected new hardware announcements that will make sense of these seemingly erratic decisions. 

    The HomePod having wired in and out audio connections would have made all the difference (future proofed it), a great many more people would have bought the HomePod.
    You might want to double-check your comprehension of the concept of "future-proofing". Just as a hint, it does not involve integrating more legacy support for technologies that will be used less and less in the future.
  • Apple engineers dish on no macOS for iPad & why 11-inch model didn't get mini-LED

    So what i’m hearing is Apple is still ignoring consumer demand regarding an unhobbled iPad OS, and unhobbled macbook pro hardware. There is 0 justification for limiting the user facing cameras to the same resolution found on the very first iPhone. Video looks like hot garbage. “Facetime HD” is laughably bad. Do better. Also not a fan of seeing trails of red smear going across my “retina” display on a 2020 macbook pro. They’re telling us laptop users don’t demand better displays? 

    On one side the hardware is bad. On the other side the software is bad. Can’t win! 
    Would it be too much to ask for you to get your basic facts together before commenting? The first iPhone didn't have a front-facing camera at all; that debuted in iPhone 4.

    As for whether there is a "justification" for the front-facing cameras having limited resolution, well, actually there is: it's called physics. Devices this thin don't yet have room for higher-res cameras. The parts haven't existed up to now. Apple's not making that choice; Apple doesn't even make those camera parts.
  • Apple launches new Apple TV 4K with A12 Bionic CPU, redesigned Siri remote

    cpf said:
    A12 is slower for gaming than A10X.... are you sure it's not 12X?

    It's actually the A12 Bionic.