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  • Apple looks like it's going to age-restrict AI chat agents

    lkrupp said:
    dewme said:
    When I saw the headline, my first thought was: "Finally! We're going to prevent those who are over age 70 from getting involved with yet another technology that they cannot possibly understand." At some point, and especially within political circles, there really needs to be an age limit - on the other end. At least children have parents to protect them. But grandma and grandpa are free to cause irreparable harm to not only themselves but to everyone else on the planet, for generations to come. We don't need to be amplifying the crazy stuff they could possibly do by allowing them to tap into AI. Can't we just teach them how to use a TV remote first and call that a win?
    You know what? FUCK YOU.! I’m 73 and am fully technologically literate. I probably know more about this stuff than you ever will, have been coding since I was 18 (Fortran back then) and am still the goto guy for most of my family when it comes to digital issues. Rear Admiral Grace Harper, the developer of the COBOL language, was Senior Consultant for DEC until her death at age age 85. Look her up. Ever wonder where the term “bug” came from regarding computers?

    So you can take your ageism and stick up your ass. And no, my VCR clock never, ever flashed 12:00 all the time. But I’ve dealt with 30 year old morons who can't figure out how to turn on WiFi on their iPhones.

    You detest old people but I bet you’re waiting for grandpa and grandma to die so you can get their money aren’t you, you despicable asshole.
    Preeeeetty sure the original poster was using sarcasm to show that these types of age restrictions are pretty arbitrary and not backed by any rational or scientific proof. So maybe slow that roll whippersnapper.

    If not, well then they are a cylindrical shaped appendage, Totes McGoats.

    Then they should have indicated such somehow, instead of hoping people would notice the difference between this and every other instance of stupidity on the internet.
  • Meta leaks its AR four-year plan before Apple can beat them

    As much as I think that whatever XR stuff Apple comes up with won't be for me, there is no way in hell it still won't be miles, light years, ahead of whatever Meta does.
  • iPhone 15 to require certified accessories for full access to USB-C

    Don't have a problem with this at all.  USB-C isn't so much a "standard" as it is a form factor, i.e. the plug shape and pinout.  The "standard" capabilities of USB-C are myriad, and vary considerably among actual cables and connectors.  Not all cables support all of the features of USB-C, and there's almost no way to tell what features they do support without testing equipment, because no part of the USB-C standard requires manufacturers to actually label their USB-C cables with the capabilities actually supported.
  • If you're having trouble with Gmail, you're not alone

    Probably someone found a way to prevent Google from reading all their mail, and now Google is scrambling to "fix" the problem. /s
  • TSMC managers think Americans don't work hard enough

    That's because more and more Americans are realizing that life isn't just about work and putting another dollar into a billionaire's pocket.