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  • Hands on with Apple's new HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.2

    I don't have any HomePods; my "central" device is my Apple TV.  How does that work, I wonder.
  • Musk taps over 50 Tesla employees to make Twitter changes

    blastdoor said:
    ranson said:
    That’s could become a controversial move since Tesla is a public traded company and Twitter is his private company. So borrowing employees from a public company can get weird. 
    Not controversial at all. They will likely be paid as independent contractors by Twitter and receive a 1099 next year for tax purposes. One's original employer (Tesla in this case) cannot bar or punish the employee for simply working a second job unless it violates a non-compete or causes issues relating to performance at the original job.
    I highlighted the reason it's controversial. 

    Musk has a huge conflict of interest here. He now has a massive financial interest in Twitter and is abusing his position as CEO of Tesla to divert Tesla resources to help Twitter. That benefits him but almost certainly hurts Tesla shareholders. The only uncertainty is how much it hurts Tesla shareholders. 

    That's only an issue if he instructs them, as Tesla management, to work on Twitter stuff.  If, however, he hires them, as Twitter management, to work on Twitter stuff, the only controversy is if they do, in fact, harm Tesla in so doing.  I've been programming professionally for almost 40 years, and lots and lots of programmers moonlight without harm to their "main" employer.
  • Elon Musk orders Twitter to charge $20/month for verification

    mac_dog said:
    exsangus said:
    I think a few things are going on here. He fired the executive staff “with cause” to avoid paying out stock option entitlements that were about to mature. He had texted with a friend before that his plan was to lay off about 75% of the Twitter work force. Now he is setting up “cause” to fire instead of layoff as much staff as possible which will save him from paying out even more upcoming entitlements, and gets out his new monetization strategy.

    I am a developer and would never work for Elon, but if I were at Twitter now, I would not quit, not work more than my standard day, and when I was fired (which is probably going to happen even to those willing to work 24/7) file wrongful termination with unemployment, get a lawyer and get the ball rolling on the wrongful termination lawsuit that will be coming. He is so arrogant and out of touch that he thinks he can use shortcuts to get what he wants, no matter who he has to run over in order to do this.

    Anyone looking for Twitter alternatives, I highly recommend the massive open source, self run instance, Federated universe known as Mastodon.
    California is an at-will state. 

    "At will" doesn't mean that wrongful termination doesn't apply.
  • Apple 'destroys dreams' says Telegram, as it shuts down monetization plans

    Durov is the guy who lied and claimed he had no idea why app review for a Telegram update was taking longer than usual, and then it came out that they ripped off Apple’s IP to make “animated emoji” and this had been clearly communicated to them.

    Apple only has 15% marketshare. That is not a monopoly.

    But, but, but... they have 100% of the Apple market, so they are an Apple monopoly!  Why can't you people understand how horrendous this situation is!

  • Apple has new App Store rules for NFTs and cryptocurrency

    DAalseth said:
    JP234 said:
    DAalseth said:
    JP234 said:
    Caveat Emptor.

    Emptor fugiendum
    Ok, you stumped me and the web. I’ve searched and got exactly no hits on “Emptor fugiendum”. 

    What’s it mean?
    Buyer avoid. (Just Say No)
    Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

    Intended to be "Buyer run away", but I used google translate to get it, so...