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  • Apple making the case that Apple Silicon Mac & iPhone are great gaming machines

    danox said:
    jSnively said:
    Games are a hits-driven business and when 95% of hit titles don't even run on your platform then you're not a "great" gaming machine. Once in a blue moon you'll get a AAA title years late, but even in the most recent case, the Mac version of RE:VIII is one of the worst looking versions of that game you can play. 

    Also, Bloober team is... rough. Layers of Fear was a great horror game (some may say the best), but the 5 or so titles they've done since have been pretty mediocre-to-bad. Observer probably gets a nod, but that's about it. I don't think anybody has faith they will do a good job with the SH2 remake.

    The MetalFX stuff is good (and needed for the resolution Apple pushes in their monitors), but it's generations behind what DLSS offers at this point. If Apple were serious they would bootstrap a solution based off the work being done on the Linux side of things (Wine/DXVK/VKD3D etc.) instead of trying to get developers to port to their proprietary APIs which will never happen en masse. 

    Apple has *never* actually been serious about gaming, but it would be cool to see that change.
    Apple play, Long and do not become dependent on third-party outfits, do what you need to do behind the scenes. In short continue to stay vertical in computing.

    If Apple wants AAA games in general, and not a few here and there, to be playable on a Mac, unless they are going to build out a high quality game platform, they will have to depend on others, or buy up an existing successful game studio and hope it doesn't take too many resources to retool everything to run on MacOS.

    On the other hand, if they're happy with the current state of gaming on Mac, and this is just a marketing thing, then they're already successful in the mobile space, and need do nothing else much to continue that.
  • IFTTT 4.54 review: Innovative but not reliable

    The subscription kills it for me, buggy or not.
  • Goldman Sachs move casts shadow over Apple Savings accounts

    lkrupp said:
    Apple should dump Goldman Sachs and let the Apple Card develop into a real credit card. It gets tiring telling users on the Apple Discussion Forums, “No, you can’t do that with the Apple Card. No, the Apple Card doesn’t work with financial software like Quicken. No, you can’t transfer balances with the Apple Card.” It’s a Mastercard, dammit, why not?

    Nitpick, but you can import your Apple Card data into Quicken.  It's a royal PITA, but you can do it.
  • How Apple & Big Tech gutted New York's right to repair bill

    "Corporations are people" is probably one of the most harmful decisions SCOTUS has ever made.
  • Drunk driver busted after iPhone calls cops after crash

    JP234 said:
    Pancake said:
    This is an unintended benefit of crash detection. 
    Too true. But too bad iPhone doesn't have a "drunk detector" that can disable the ignition and THEN call the cops!

    Disabling the ignition/vehicle would eliminate the need to call the police.