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  • Review: The Tap Strap keyboard is a unique, but complicated, solution to typing

    A learning curve is an “S” curve. When you say “extremely steep learning curve”, that means it’s extremely easy to learn almost everything in a very short time.
  • How to fix Apple's App Store bug about 'accepting' apps before an update

    It happens when the apps are developed by Apple and pre-installed in a Mac when you purchased the Mac and add some bundled apps at big discount as a university student or staff from the Apple Online Store.  I guess the pre-installed apps are stored in the Recovery Partition. I met the problem since 2015.

    Some updates are not applied and there’s no reason you pay to purchase them “again” because these apps were supposed to be free.

    When you use Family Sharing, some pre-installed apps can also be installed on other Macs but the updates of them may not be found. A lot of problems related to the iCloud but you can’t find enough iCloud support across multiple devices and multiple platforms.
  • Apple's quiet update to Siri Shortcuts brings the niche tool into the mainstream

    Siri is counter-productive. Waste a minute, try it yourself.
  • Back to My Mac is being cut from all versions of macOS on July 1

    Airport Utility still has Back to My Mac in the latest update for Airport Time Capsule as released yesterday.
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  • iPhone's global marketshare drops in March quarter as Chinese rivals remain ascendant

    Apple is now 6 years lagging behind the world, e.g. 5G modem in 2025. No break-through in house apps, e.g. still the same Contacts app of 5 years ago. Poor HomeKit & Siri than Google Home & Assistant. Poor ergonomic screen design, you have to press buttons with your fingers flying to every corner of the screen to do simple tasks, the bigger the screen, the longer distance your fingers need to travel.

    my friend told me that his iPhone 6s is as fast as his son’s iPhone X. I asked him how come. He said it’s because he never updates the iOS and thus able to retain the original speed. Comparing to my iPhone 6 Plus with the current iOS version, his iPhone 6s runs like the Flash. And, he keeps the lovely 32-bit games which I have to forget because there’s no more 32-bit version.

    frankly, my kids are using latest iPhone versions. But I find nowhere near to upgrade mine.  Apple, do you know your problems?