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  • Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

    Once upon a time Samsung and a few other players released a smart watch. Apple in those days was nowhere to be seen with their offering and pundits the world over, were standing on their soap boxes and screaming, "Apple better release a smart watch soon or else!!!!!". 
    Well a few years later Apple did release the Apple Watch and by the time the Series 3 was out, Apple was in the lead and widening it. The rest is history.

    Fast forward now to foldable phones. What does a foldable do that a regular smartphone can't? Why spend hundreds of dollars more on it? To pretend to have a tablet by not having one? If Apple one day does release a foldable, it will be because they know their customers and they will have something unique to offer them. Not because pundits are asking for it. 
  • Apple continues dominance over global smartphone profits in 2021

    No surprise whatsoever. 
    At this point in time, in a mature smartphone market,  I think it's pointless to be making quarter by quarter comparisons. A more meaningful graph would be a rolling average of the above graphs over many years. The trend would probably show that Apple continues to suck all of the oxygen (profits) out of the proverbial room, leaving the rest of the industry to battle it out for scraps.  
  • Steve Jobs wanted Dell to license Mac OS

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    The only other person who can confirm this conversation is dead so there is no need to drag Jobs into his need to sell his book. 

    I'd like to meet 10 people who buy this book and read it. Of course it will be on The NY Times best seller list but by now everyone should know by now that bookstores by this garbage sell a few and return the rest to the publisher where they will be resold to the stores that peddle other non-interesting zero value books and merchandise that cannot be sold in legitimate store. This process does get authors on best seller lists.

    Another thing that happens is the company (Dell) will buy enough of these to give to their employees and this counts as a sale. At least his employees will have some kindling.
    People alive write books or talk about dead people very often.
    I was watching a show about mathematics the other day and the narrator, very much alive, was talking about Pythagoras, Euclid, Newton, Leibniz, Gauss ... etc.
    Guess what all these great mathematicians have in common? ........ They're all dead.

    Back to topic, why wouldn't Michael Dell reminisce about that moment in history, especially since he was personally involved in it? 
    What was the name of the show? Sounds interesting. 
    Caught it in “Curiosity Stream”

    The story of Maths: Narrated by Marcus du Sautoy (2008)
    Magic Numbers: Narrated by Hannah Fry (2018)
  • Steve Jobs wanted Dell to license Mac OS

    I am glad that no deal was made with Dell.

    Michael Dell once said that if he was in charge of Apple he would shut the company down and return the money to investors.

    Dell is now worth $79.3 Billion and Apple is worth $2.3 Trillion... Go figure
    See video at about 1:30

    Hindsight is always 20/20. 
    In that same video M.Dell does say that when asked that question back in 1997, he told the reporter to ask another question twice and the third time he gave that infamous answer. So what's the big deal? Many were wrong about Apple back in 1997.
    Many of us here were using PC's / Windows. 
  • Steve Jobs wanted Dell to license Mac OS

    skingers said:
    I don't believe this story.  Jobs was the guy that Killed Mac clones and made OSX upgrades free.  Money grubbing by putting his baby on the beigest of beige boxes just does not seem consistent with his demonstrated record.
    Let me introduce to you the Motorola Rokr E1.

    Also known as the "iTunes phone". 
    From Wikipedia:  Launched on September 7, 2005, in San FranciscoCalifornia, the E1 is the first phone to be integrated with Apple's iTunes music player. 

    This phone was released and failed 
    obviously, years after the proposal to Michael Dell. 

    Also let's not forget this.  
    Steve Jobs wanted Sony's Vaio computers to run Mac OS X
    Conclusion: Michael Dell's account is pretty consistent with other deals SJ made or tried to make back then.