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  • Apple Card vs Amazon Prime Rewards Visa: which credit card offers the most cash back and b...

    chasm said:
    In addition to avoiding fees on any card by paying the balance promptly within a month, paying regularly and promptly also does wonders for your credit rating, though to really maximize your credit rating, it's best to (occasionally) carry a small outstanding balance for a quarter ever few years. People who religiously pay zero interest because they are so prompt in paying off their debt don't get the best ratings from the CC companies for fairly obvious reasons, but there's no need to pay very much interest if you are careful in when it's worth paying off a balance a bit slower than "all at once within the month."
    This is patently false. There is absolutely zero benefit to the customer in ever paying interest. This is a lie told by banks to get you to carry a balance.  You do need to use a card to get maximum benefits to your credit but the information on your credit report does not indicate whether or not you are paying the card off or not. 
  • Maxell sues Apple over navigation, camera & data tech patents

    They have a patent for walking navigation? If apples patent lawsuit against Samsung for things like pinch to zoom and swipe to unlock didn’t hold up in court I don’t see any way a patent for giving someone walking directions from one location to another can hold. 
  • Watch: iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus battery life compared

    I agree with most comments already. The conclusions drawn from these tests seem odd at best and the geek bench test makes no sense in its methodology. In the gaming test you erroneously conclude that disputed the iPhone being ahead 87 to 84% the Samsung would probably win. Clearly you don’t understand how percentages work. The size of the battery doesn’t sway percentages.  Given the size disparity of the 2 batteries this means the Samsung used much more gross battery life during this test. It would be helpful if you understood what you were writing an article about. 
  • DirecTV Now renews deal for free Apple TV 4K with pre-payment of three months of service

    Happy to call myself a “cable never” instead of a cordcutter (that includes satellite services).
    Not sure what that has to do with this story... 
  • WSJ jumps on iPhone X production cut story, adds new fictions

    Is it maybe possible that this supposed slashing of production is due to the fact that the initial production ramp-up happen much sooner than expected. This means that they were able to make and sell a lot more iPhone X’s in the previous quarter that they won’t have to make this quarter.