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  • Apple TV+ 'See' with Alfre Woodard, Jason Momoa premieres in California

    blastdoor said:
    This has “flop” written all over it.

    I’m more optimistic about the Steve Carrel show though 
    Disagree. I think it looks interesting. And the “Steve Carrel” show is headlined by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston 
  • Apple's 2020 iPhones rumored to have smaller notch, wider 5G antennas

    Fatman said:
    Apple, while you are removing the bezel, please bump screen resolution to 1080 on the iPhone11 successor!
    Why?? So there can be more pixels to push around that you physically won’t be able to see unless you hold the phone unnaturally close to your eyes?  If you want a better screen then ask for better max brightness and/or better contrast, support for HDR or something else that will actually make a difference when viewing the screen instead of a useless spec sheet number. 
  • Sleep tracking may be coming to Apple Watch soon

    macxpress said:
    macxpress said:
    flyingdp said:
    Ok. Cool. But when do you charge your watch? I wear it all day and charge overnight.
    I charge my Watch from 9 pm to 10:30 pm. 100% then go to bed. I wake up somewhere at 93%. Thats it. Why to charge overnight?
    My watch is out of battery by like 11pm.
    How old is it and have you replaced the battery? AW4 gets 2 days for me. 
    Series 0...it's never lasted more than 1 day. 
    Hate to say it but you need a new watch. Original watch was slow and had horrible battery out of the box. It was a traditional first green product. Full of promise and has lots of compromises. 
  • Sleep tracking may be coming to Apple Watch soon

    netrox said:
    I am one of the wearers to bed because I need it for sleep monitoring and also for alarm. I use AutoSleep which monitors my sleep movement and my heart rate. It's amazing. I recharge mine while I shower.
    I do the same with my almost 2 year old series 3. Every once in a while I will have to give it a quick 20 minutes at night especially if I’ve used any cellular during the day but usually about 45 minutes while I get ready for work gets me alone 90% to start the day. 
  • Apple Card vs Amazon Prime Rewards Visa: which credit card offers the most cash back and b...

    chasm said:
    In addition to avoiding fees on any card by paying the balance promptly within a month, paying regularly and promptly also does wonders for your credit rating, though to really maximize your credit rating, it's best to (occasionally) carry a small outstanding balance for a quarter ever few years. People who religiously pay zero interest because they are so prompt in paying off their debt don't get the best ratings from the CC companies for fairly obvious reasons, but there's no need to pay very much interest if you are careful in when it's worth paying off a balance a bit slower than "all at once within the month."
    This is patently false. There is absolutely zero benefit to the customer in ever paying interest. This is a lie told by banks to get you to carry a balance.  You do need to use a card to get maximum benefits to your credit but the information on your credit report does not indicate whether or not you are paying the card off or not. 
    It is, well, sorta, kinda false.   A little.
    Actually, having a loan that you pay on regularly boosts your credit score.  When I paid off my student loan my credit score dropped 35 points within a month.   So, in a sense, paying interest boosts your credit score.
    You are comparing 2 different scenarios. The original comment was referring to carrying a balance in a credit card instead of paying it off every month.  This does not effect your score. Having open accounts can impact your score. Also having different types of open accounts such as revolving, installment loan, and mortgage. So yes having a loan close could negatively impact your score especially if it was the only installment loan open.