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  • iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple's undisputed battery life champion

    Am I missing something? Article says the 13pro max lasted just under 10 hours. Then at the end it says the 12pro max lasts 9 hours and 52 minutes.  How is this miles ahead of everything?
  • Attackers breach cybersecurity firm FireEye, steal hacking tools

    Wouldn't you think that level of tools stolen would be on an internal server disconnected from the internet at a company like this?  You would think this kind of stuff would have to have physical contact to breach rather than being able to remotely access it.  I just envision anything sensitive, to be secure, would have to be cut off from the outside world completely.
  • Apple One services bundles are now available

    dewme said:
    MacPro said:
    No mention of iTunes Match.  Is this going to continue on its own or perhaps be discontinued?

    EDIT:  I just read on Mac Rumors that Apple Music includes iTunes Match.  Is this true? If so that's a $25 a year inclusion no one is mentioning.
    Apple Music has ALWAYS had an iTunes Match-like system. We covered this back in about 2014.
    Hmmm.  I’ve been paying for Apple Music since it started and I have to pay separately for iTunes Match. In fact, I just got a notification from Apple saying that my $24.99 iTunes Match renewal charge was going to hit my credit card in a couple of weeks. 

    I was under the impression that the differentiating features of iTunes Match was 1) it allows you to upload your “owned” music to the cloud and 2) it allows you to download an unlimited number of Apple Music songs to your devices so you don’t need a streaming connection to play anything downloaded to your device. 

    Very interesting to see that many other AI readers are asking the same questions that I’ve been asking about since Apple One was announced. I’m sure it’ll all settle out in a month or so after everyone clears their first billing cycle. I may wait a month or two 
    I’ve been able to upload my own music to the cloud and am able to download music to my device for offline playing with just the Apple Music subscription so not sure what iTunes Match brings to the table that Apple Music doesn’t? 
  • Apple One services bundles are now available

    bageljoey said:
    So, is there any trick to incorporating my family’s 4 different accounts into one family account?  Will it be transparent to them (like will they just have access to more iCloud storage under their existing Apple ID?  
    We have nothing linking us as a family at this point...
    Ya it’s pretty simple just add their apple ids and it will email or text them a link to join then everyone instantly gets all the perks.  You’ll need a family music plan to spread that to the rest of the family but with apple one that’s much more simple now compared to before since it’s included.  
  • Apple One services bundles are now available

    JonDiesel said:
    Does anyone know if I can get refunded for recent charges for the services I had before I just upgraded to Apple One?  

    Just yesterday I was charged 14.99 to my Apple Card for Apple Music but today just got charged the 29.99 upon signing up for Apple One.  

    Also I had prepaid for a year of Apple Arcade for $50 about 2 months ago.  

    Just wondering if there was a way to get that $$$ back so I'm not getting double charged (might be an issue for many).  Maybe some sort of prorated refund for those of us who have already paid into the services?
    If you go into your account and look at your purchase history it looks like they are doing a bunch of refunds on the other services after subscribing to apple one...
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