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  • Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard in $68.7B gaming deal

    YP101 said:
    Well, Apple just buy Nintendo will solve the problem. Nintendo gets M1 CPU will resolve the current hardware limitation.
    Apple will receive all retro games on Apple TV.
    We went through this 5 years ago when people thought that NIntendo was dead (couldn't keep up with Microsoft and Sony in specs, their "family-friendly" focus meant losing out to the iPad etc.) so people claimed that Apple should buy Nintendo in order to bring the Mario, Zelda etc. games to the iPad and iPhone. Nintendo said: "We are not for sale and never will be" followed by "even if we are sold it will never be to a foreign company." 

    As for Sony, yeah as if the antitrust regulators would allow that. It would give Apple:
    A. a smartphone and tablet manufacturer (Android)
    B. a TV (again Android), DVD and premium audio manufacturer 
    C. the world's #1 gaming console platform
    D. the Columbia movie studio (Spider-Man, Ghostbusters, Jumanji, Bad Boys, Karate Kid, Men In Black and a bunch of other franchises, and that doesn't even include Sony Japan's extensive film, TV, music etc. properties)

    So the Japanese government is going to let the company that killed off the Walkman (and indirectly the Blu-Ray by creating the streaming era) and mobile gaming (seriously degrading Sony, Nintendo, Sega etc. in the process while creating a boom for competing Chinese and South Korean tech companies like Tencent, Xiaomi, LG and Samsung) buy Sony? Yeah, totally not going to happen. 

    Dumb American thinks everyone is for sale certain companies in Germany, Japan, China, and Korea will never be up for sale to Americans for any price…..
  • Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard in $68.7B gaming deal

    techconc said:
    This is the type of acquisition that Apple really needs to make.  Apple just doesn't get the gaming market or simply has no interest in it.  Small indie games in Apple Arcade are fine, but Apple's platforms need A list games.  Apple has great hardware with the M1 Max but a poor gaming selection.  Ironically, Mac sales are at record levels now, but gaming on the Mac is worse than any time in history.  Sad.  
    The M1 Max is not "great hardware" for gaming because the GPU only performs between the level of an Nvidia 3060 and 3080, which are available in x86 machines that cost under $1000. Yes Mac sales are at record levels ... but at a market share (depending upon whether you believe Gartner, IDC, Canalys) that 7.5% to 8.6%, making it third in share behind Windows and ChromeOS. 

    The only path into AAA gaming for Apple is to emulate Microsoft and create their own gaming console. The problem: the AAA console gaming market is in turmoil right now, which is precisely what Microsoft is taking advantage of by snapping up beleagured studios left and right. And - as I mentioned above - currently if you combine the efforts of Microsoft, Nvidia, Google and Amazon and you have 42-45 million cloud gaming subscriptions. It would take Apple 3 years at minimum to launch a console gaming platform; who knows how many cloud gaming subscribers there will be in that time. 
    Apple is by far the most profitable PC maker, marketshare means nothing, if games are made for any Apple device that is actually, better and has great game play, they the players will come, however the current direction of market (crappy games all around as the norm) there is no payday for Apple.
  • Intel's Alder Lake chips are very powerful, and that's good for the entire industry

    rob53 said:
    mjtomlin said:
    That chart (and claim) is based on a single metric from a dozen benchmarks as part of the SPECrate 2017 tests. Need to wait and see about real world tests.

    Let’s also not forget, the M1 CPU cores are almost 18 months old now. Intel would be severely embarrassed if they didn’t have ANYTHING to show.

    One last note, when your “mobile” CPU performance drops by 55% when the device is not plugged in… you basically failed.
    Actually, I thought I heard the M1 Pro and Max were totally redesigned. 
    Those two CPU’s are designed done and dusted, the Apple team is working on what comes after 2021 and 2222….
  • India antitrust regulator launches probe into Apple App Store payments

    maximara said:
    danox said:
    gatorguy said:
    Does anyone still doubt that the AppStore model won't survive as currently done? All the "It's Apple's platform and Apple's rules" comments here over the past couple of years won't make one iota of difference. It's gonna change at both Google and Apple. And they will both still be ridiculously profitable after the changes that are being forced on them.
    Ridiculous comment. OF COURSE the "Apple's platform" and "Apple's rules" make a difference. Apple did create iOS/iPadOS/tvOS. Apple did create the App Store for iOS/iPadOS/tvOS. IMO, the legitimate issue per the App Store is NOT whether Apple can have control or make the rules, but more about whether Apple is living up to their public statements about how the App Store rules are applied. Are they really being enforced equally? Do certain developers get exceptions while others do not? Those kinds of questions make sense, but the stuff about "should Apple be allowed to have control of their own operating system or their own store" is ridiculous. 

    In life the big people/companies ie the (RICH) get further ahead by being flavored (see Google-Apple) 15 billion per year paid to Apple, and the free, subscriptions Apps by the big boys are slowly killing most of small companies. Apple making Keynote-Pages-Numbers free pulled the rug out from under many small to medium sized companies (in word processing in particular).
    I guess this person has never heard of Libreoffice which along with its variants or about GraphicConverter which are still being updated today and are insanely old (1999 and 1992 respectively) There was no "rug" to pull out from under them by Keynote-Pages-Numbers going free as OpenOffice (what LibreOffice forked from) predates all of them. Only a totally ignorant consumer or one that thinks they "need" some obscure feature (that in reality they rarely use) would get a commercial word processing program when a free option has been around for 21 years.  And one of the nicknames of GraphicConverter is "poorman's Photoshop"
     LibreOffice is a Microsoft office clone is worthless (it’s birthplace is Linux and it shows), its claim to fame is similar to Gimp on a Mac which is also worthless both have a U.I. From 1997…
  • 'Apple Together' group organizing corporate, retail walkout on Dec. 24

    hexclock said:
    My advice to these employees is, go learn a skilled trade. You can make all the money you’ll ever need and don’t even need to take out a school loan. Get out of retail, it’s a dead end, just like restaurants. Yeah, you might need to get dirty, work outside, in the cold or blazing heat, but in the end it’s an honest living, and skilled trades of all types are in desperate need of younger workers. 
    Union Fire Sprinkler Pipe fitters hard work great pay benefits