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  • Australian court is the latest to attack Apple on behalf of rich corporations

    It’s no worse than what IBM went through with their 1956 Consent Decree with the DOJ that forced them for 40 years to separate hardware sales from software and services sales or what AT&T was forced to do such as making all their patents (including for the original transistor) royalty free to all other American companies and then carved apart in 1984. So if you are going to cry a river for Apple then you should at least show one or two tears for IBM and AT&T.

    IBM is now the walking tech dead now soon they will join Sun, Digital, and Motorola........And there are no tears for IBM is done in the same sense as Xerox is done, both are just marking time until the doors close like Motorola.

    IBM had a chance in fact many chances, to turn it around, when they had the infrastructure and the means, they missed the opportunity to build, smaller faster more powerful CPU’s for use in desktop/ mobile computers. They even had Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple, asking them, begging them to do something at the time they refused

    A similar story happen at Intel, and Intel will pay a huge price for not building the SOC’s‘s for the iPhone, and the iPad, not to mention, basically, allowing Apple develop and to eventually replace them at the desktop level, blunders at that scale eventually lead to the end like Motorola.

  • Family trapped on Mt. Hood rescued via Emergency SOS via Satellite

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    Bring 2 children with you? I don’t get it but thank Apple! You guys saved 6 more lives! And the DOJ wants to change that. Clueless DoJ. 
    It's a family, and they hike. Including the kids. It's great exercise until you don't reckon on higher-altitude weather/condition changes.
    It’s basically still winter like weather out there and these bozos thought it was a great idea to go hiking high up on the mountains? Darwin Award. The rescuers should make this family pay the cost for their stupidity.
    The local mountains in Southern California where the actor who played warlock died had a surprise for this time of year light dusting of show yesterday I'm sure some people were also caught out in it. Blaming the family is a low hanging target, the area around Mt. Hood is huge and popular at any given time there must be many people hiking and skiing.

    https://dodoex.blogspot.com/2021/07/mt-hood-view-from-portland-mt-hood.html Even known in Korea

    The government will of coarse in time want Apple to share every detail of their particular hardware/software implementation with everyone for free, what is bad is that the government at all levels won't do any forward thinking ahead of time. For example the Frand patent system needs some fixing and the unwanted junk mail/text/spam problem just goes on with no end in sight (company lobbyists in the way? Hmm...)
  • Apple has effectively abandoned HomeKit Secure Routers

    I hope not but this off to the side tech which is non glamorous back of house tech at that will draw the ire of the EU or the Justice Dept and it would be unfair to Apples future competitors if pursued. :smile: 
  • Analysts mostly nonplussed by DoJ suit, and believe Apple will win

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    Look, Apple is in the wrong here.  They will be found guilty if this goes to trial. Instead, Apple will slowly open up their ecosystem, just watch… IWatches will soon be available on Android. Third party app stores will be available (in very limited ways) in a couple years before trial.  Consumers will have more options to customize iOS to their liking.  It will be a win for both Apple and consumers. Why? Because I have kept up on a daily basis with Apple News and innovation since 1997 on a daily basis.  The only time we had massive amounts of software innovation is n the iPhone was when you could jailbreak your phone.  After Apple has closed off this with encryption software innovation has almost come to a screeching halt. 
    Look, for Apple to be "in the wrong," they have to both (1) be a monopoly and (2) engage in anti-competitive practices that hurt consumers

    A company with less than 50 percent marketshare is almost never regarded as a monopoly Over 70 percent, they often are. In between is a grey zone. 

    So where is Apple? In terms of smartphone sales in the US, they are under 50 percent. In terms of installed base of smartphones they are *barely* over 50 percent. Other firms might not like how Apple treats them, but customer satisfaction is sky high. 

    Taking all of that together, I think the DOJ is skating on thin ice and doing political damage to the administration. I think there's a good chance they will mostly lose this case while undermining the credibility of DOJ anti-trust efforts and help to bring an end to American democracy (in so far as this discourages people from voting for Biden). 

    What they *should* have done is just go after the Google-Apple search deal. Between the two of them, Google and Apple are dupolists and that search deal is clearly anticompetitive. 
    Your last point about the Google-Apple search deal is right on I have never like that deal Apple/Google are in the wrong on that and the Justice Dept. should have looked to eliminate such a sleazy behind the scene deal.
  • US DOJ will finally sue Apple after years of antitrust investigation

    If the DOJ wants to sue and make the so-called Gatekeepers as defined by the EU stay out of each other's lawn/ecosystems for the sake of competition no problem but the DOJ really isn't interested that or real competition, many want Apple to be just HP or Dell.....Just die off with all the other vertical computer companies from the 1980's and 1990's and sell parts to the local chop shop on the corner for repairs.

    And it's a battle of the one percent.