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  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    jamnap said:
    If Apple had the visceral fortitude they would promptly and concisely tell the EU to f$&k off and start closing down shop and stop selling to any EU member country.  Maybe the folk there will rise up against the EU ruling class.  With the expanding Asia market Apple will not fall.  Sure, it will affect the stock market at first, but for Tim Cook to always tout "principles" he needs not to bow to the EU.  The USB/C issue is one thing, but this new EU demand will open Apple's Pandora's box.
    Apple has to draw the line in the sand, all European Apple devices within the EU have no store included you sell just the core Apple software with the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Apple Watch.

    It’s time for those do nothings in Washington DC to earn their pay. 

    Europe just represents about 19% of Apples total revenue, and when compared to other parts of the world, it’s falling, Apples revenue in Europe is about the same as the entire country of Japan.

    https://www.businessofapps.com/data/app-revenues/.      Select Chart App revenue by region
  • Apple's 'carbon neutral' claims are misleading, say EU groups

    Nothing mankind does is green or necessarily good for the environment it’s basically called survival, the mere presence of 7 billion human beings and growing on the planet is the what that is killing the environment, and making plants and animals extinct, when a project like a goldmine that will dump mercury into every stream, creek, and river at the headwaters of the largest salmon fishery (Lake Iliamna) in the world and that project just lurches forward on to the operational state says it all. It can’t be said enough that the lake is more valuable as a reoccurring food resource, at this stage of the game and is basically irreplaceable.

    The very concept of carbon credits it’s just bait and switch by the ruling classes, the largest salmon fishery in the world is up for grabs. :smile: 

    It is mind blowing that not even that threat can stop it. (Half of all Sockeye Salmon in the world are taken from that lake).

  • Apple threatens to kill iMessage & FaceTime in UK if controversial law passes

    Appleish said:
    From the country that instituted Brexit against popular opinion and had an unelected leader that was only in office for a few weeks, who destroyed hundreds of billions of pounds from their economy.
    The majority of people who bothered to vote, voted for Brexit it wasn’t instituted against anyone, those who participated voted for it (democracy). If you didn’t show up on the pitch (voting booth) and vote against it in greater numbers you deserve what you got.

    The next item on the Tory menu is eliminating the NHS and going to the American style healthcare insurance system, and insurance in America is falling apart everywhere, Housing, Health, Fire, Hurricane, Tornado, Flood, and Earthquake, those who are against government are going to want government help, a bail out maybe? :blush:

    The EU and Europe and general will just keep pushing until Apple finally says no, maybe the British can bring back industry and making stuff in their country? fat chance the upper crust, are all finance, lawyers, accountants, judges, landlords, aristocracy, tax dodgers and politicians. Just to bad the common person in Britain keeps falling for the upper 5% interests over their own.

    Apple will be forced to regionalize their devices, Europe, EU, Britain and many other countries just will not stop, I believe Apple will be forced to have a basic core phone, similar to a gaming console in some parts of the world.
  • New 24-inch iMac in production testing, but won't ship until late 2023

    Bigger screen 27 inch to 32 inch, put the Mac computer components into an XDR enclosure with any Apple Silicon SOC in it sold, the form factor is King.
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  • Biden administration: Apple & Broadcom should quit stalling and pay Caltech $1.1 billion i...

    danox said:
    In patent, cases, such as this always challenge the patent validity upfront, because the patent office seems to grant patents for just about anything, their philosophy appears to be, people, companies or any other interested party should fight it out in court later. In short, the patent office doesn’t want to take any real responsibility.

    I might add the upper division (the corpocracy ) actually prefers it this way, so change probably isn’t going to happen.
    I think one of the main issues is that the Patent Office cannot do much other than "to grant patents for just about anything". They do not have an adequate system nor anywhere close to the adequate resources required to fully vet every single one of the thousands of patents filed each day. So yes, the courts are left to decide most patent disputes at a later time, mostly by design. I'm not saying it should be this way, but it's the way it’s True, truebeen for a very long time.

    True, the system is designed for the 18th century, and in those days you had to have something that actually worked, and you had to demonstrate it to the examiners, now, however, someone presents an idea, some drawings and equation. You don’t have to demonstrate an actual working device. You just say here’s the application, here’s the fee give me my patent, and the patent office grants it, and then washes their hands, someday someone will actually build a fusion reactor, one that actually works, and they (the company) will be sued by all the idea, equation people from all over the world.

    The Wright brothers went through that process, they built some thing that actually worked on the idea people just had paperwork. Took the Wright brothers years to finally get everything settled and at the end a large number of people in the public, thought they were the bad guys.
  • Apple sneaks in very old devices into iPhone 15 event video -- and omits one, too

    I never did get an iSight or Hi-Fi. Wishing I had, though.
    The Apple hi-fi has a 3.5 audio jack, which means you can still use it today if you have one. Wired connections work that way too bad the original HomePod doesn’t have any, I wanted to buy a pair, but the lack of wired connections was a huge stop sign. Speakers good ones last for decades, Bluetooth/Airplay who knows?
  • Apple could be out $20 billion a year if Google loses DOJ antitrust case

    Google is paying Apple for the default position in search because it eliminates competition from other companies, and because within the iOS/MacOS, Google makes more profit within the Apple ecosystems than they make in the entire Android ecosystem combined (a guess). In short, Google gets to kill two birds with one stone, the Justice department if they were doing their job would find out exactly how much revenue and profit does Google actually make in each ecosystem worldwide. (my guess is that Google is far more profitable within the Apple ecosystems than their own).

    The Android operating system only exists solely to gain access and to generate information for a Ad company (Google) to sell/target its ads, Google has no loyalty even to its own ecosystem. Its only purpose as a company is to hoover in information.

    It would be a win-win for Google, to have no payment and get access to iOS and the Mac eco-systems for free like Spotify, the solution, the Justice department, or the EU will dream up is a free socialized default position for everyone in the name of competition, similar to the current movement, allowing companies to camp out within the App Store for no charge, because that’s what gatekeepers do, all the work and then they (Apple) turn around and give it away for free.
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  • Apple has effectively abandoned HomeKit Secure Routers

    I hope not but this off to the side tech which is non glamorous back of house tech at that will draw the ire of the EU or the Justice Dept and it would be unfair to Apples future competitors if pursued. :smile: 
  • Analysts mostly nonplussed by DoJ suit, and believe Apple will win

    blastdoor said:
    Fred257 said:
    Look, Apple is in the wrong here.  They will be found guilty if this goes to trial. Instead, Apple will slowly open up their ecosystem, just watch… IWatches will soon be available on Android. Third party app stores will be available (in very limited ways) in a couple years before trial.  Consumers will have more options to customize iOS to their liking.  It will be a win for both Apple and consumers. Why? Because I have kept up on a daily basis with Apple News and innovation since 1997 on a daily basis.  The only time we had massive amounts of software innovation is n the iPhone was when you could jailbreak your phone.  After Apple has closed off this with encryption software innovation has almost come to a screeching halt. 
    Look, for Apple to be "in the wrong," they have to both (1) be a monopoly and (2) engage in anti-competitive practices that hurt consumers

    A company with less than 50 percent marketshare is almost never regarded as a monopoly Over 70 percent, they often are. In between is a grey zone. 

    So where is Apple? In terms of smartphone sales in the US, they are under 50 percent. In terms of installed base of smartphones they are *barely* over 50 percent. Other firms might not like how Apple treats them, but customer satisfaction is sky high. 

    Taking all of that together, I think the DOJ is skating on thin ice and doing political damage to the administration. I think there's a good chance they will mostly lose this case while undermining the credibility of DOJ anti-trust efforts and help to bring an end to American democracy (in so far as this discourages people from voting for Biden). 

    What they *should* have done is just go after the Google-Apple search deal. Between the two of them, Google and Apple are dupolists and that search deal is clearly anticompetitive. 
    Your last point about the Google-Apple search deal is right on I have never like that deal Apple/Google are in the wrong on that and the Justice Dept. should have looked to eliminate such a sleazy behind the scene deal.
  • Tim Cook confirms Apple is researching ChatGPT-style AI

    mayfly said:
    An Apple-engineered generative AI would mean I never again have to sift through the mountains of sponsored crap to find information I need or want. It would end Google's domination of search for me. And good riddance, too. The only problem I see is real-time updates to the data set. That's a massive undertaking requiring upfront capital expenditures for hardware well before any financial benefits would be realized. Lot of money, even for Apple.
    Because Apple is essentially the only large vertical computer left from the bygone era, whatever Apples solution is it won’t be a Microsoft or Google solution, and that is reflected in the products that they make currently today that are used by the general public, that question and answer session is probably the media fishing to see if Apple is going to follow along with everyone else’s solutions in AI, in short, they want to be reassured that Apple is a part of the new AI hype, with the rest, and are not venturing outside somewhere else be it in Game Engines, GPU’s, Servers, or Modems. Although they are already executing on two of those items now as far as we know officially.

    Another thing, that’s interesting is that every time Tim Cook is asked the question, Tim briefly explains just a little of what Apple is doing and because doesn’t line up with what everyone else is doing the media and the Wall Street analyst‘s eyes glaze over every time. 

    Apple is on a different path and that will be demonstrated very graphically early next year with the release of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple is not in alignment with the rest, yes there are some similarities in some areas but the path is distinctly different.