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  • Samsung to reportedly build $17B chip factory in Taylor, Texas

    lkrupp said:
    Kuyangkoh said:
    Everyone is moving to Texas, they are all leaving California, hmm i wonder why??? 
    The problem is the California Marxist mentality is moving with them. The people who created dystopian California are now moving to Texas and Arizona, which will slowly turn Blue and the pattern will repeat.
    The fifth largest economy in the world, five of the best universities in the world in California, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_Ranking_by_Academic_Performance, one of the largest harbors by shipping volume, with a economy almost 40% larger than Texas, oh last but not least California has Prop 13 which means something if your house is paid for and you are retired after a life or work, California has nothing to worry about it’s those native Texans and Arizonans who are being bought out and booted out to poorer area’s with the help of the local bankers and local real state companies, worry about them…..

    The actual human Cold War is class, power, and trade (money came later), and has been for nearly 10,0000 years since that first farmer in Asia Minor successfully bought in the first harvest, your party or religion are just side shows the upper 5% do not care if the masses waste time on it, as long as they have class, power and trade (money).

    Gig worker, sharecropper, non union, subscription renter seems to be the future for most…..and which part of the USA is closer to that? Mideast, Southeast…
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    seanj said:
    Sticking old versions of HDMI and SD reader utterly pointless. You’ll be able to get Thunderbolt 4 to HDMI/SD adapters that will offer higher performance than these built in ones, for those that one these.
    Myself, like the vast majority of people will never user these ports. 
    Why would I need an SD card reader? Like most People I take photos on my phone.
    As for HDMI, sorry I don’t use anything with copyright restrictions. I’d use DP, except one the ports I could have used has been sacrificed for the HDMI/SD combo.
    Stupid move, done to please the commentariate rather than real world users.
     :'(   :'(
  • Google making its own Chromebook CPU inspired by Apple's M1

    gatorguy said:
    lkrupp said:
    Those Sunnyvale photocopiers are back at it again, as usual...
    Can’t these bozos innovate anything on their own? Why are they watching what Apple does and then follow Apple’s lead? 
    Yeah, they're called Chromebooks
    Crap on a stick and that is why Google pays Apple 15 billion dollars to kiss Apple A__…..
  • Apple earns more from gaming than Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Activision combined

    crowley said:
    Pretty sickening.  Apple's major impacts on games has been almost entirely negative in my view.  Free to play casual trash and the worst kind of monetisations.
    Epic is the biggest negative in games, a close second are other gaming companies.
  • Leaked Apple Silicon roadmap hints at new Mac Pro, MacBook Air

    While I agree that the main focus of discussion on Apple products should be on their capabilities and aesthetics, it absolutely matters where they are made. A ton of money gets poured into manufacturing. If that money is feeding an evil regime, that’s a problem. Like it or not, there are those in this world who can’t wait to strip your rights from you and force their will on you. In America, we’ve been largely protected by that because we identify such things and fight them. Now, Americas leadership and resolve is weakening snd it’s not going unnoticed.  It’s simply a responsible thing to do to be concerned about where our money goes. Like it or not, if products we buy are made in a country that is anti freedom or that oppresses/threatens other countries, then your money is feeding the economic power of that country. China recently tested a hypersonic middle that can travel the entire globe and is very close to being deadly accurate. It takes a lot of R&D to build that and in such secrecy. And that money isn’t coming from nowhere. 
    You are 40 years and two wars too late for your concern, America will be number 2 by 2025 and almost certainly by 2030, and it is us, America who has done it to ourselves.  

    That Thorium reactor that the Chinese are currently testing is but another nail.

    ‘’Apple is right on time with those CPU’s” 13 years on time.
  • Apple made secret 5-year $275B deal with Chinese government

    flydog said:
    sdw2001 said:
    On one hand, I don't blame Apple for threading the needle with the CCP in order to get access to a market with 5 times the population of U.S.   But on the other, that's a lot of money and resources that are building Communist China instead of the United States.  China is a major competitor, biggest trade partner, and #1 threat to the U.S. all at the same time.  Their government's goal is to be the world superpower by 2050.  This was a long-term plan started in the 1970's.  We dismissed them for decades, thought we "free" trade could liberalize the CCP, and their military was subpar compared to ours.  All that has changed in the last 20 years.  While we still have a superior military, they have the capability to win a battle (for example, Taiwan) before we can respond with full force.  They also have sophisticated enough equipment (planes, missiles, anti-satellite etc.) to give us real problems.  

    Is there any actual evidence that China is a threat to the U.S. or that they intend to become the world's leading super (military) power -- or is it just more propaganda left over from the Trump era?

    We know how that operates:  repeat the lies enough times and they becomes the new alternative facts.
    That China routinely crosses into Taiwan’s ADIZ with nuclear numbers, builds military installations on manmade islands in international waters, and reneged on its promise to allow self rule in Hong Kong is not enough?
    Sherlock, China like the USA (with the red man) was never going to live up to that treaty…Nor will Australia, New Zealand or the Nordic countries with their natives peoples….
  • M1 Pro and M1 Max GPU performance versus Nvidia and AMD

    Hreb said:
    So the M1 Max, announced yesterday, deployed in a laptop, has floating-point compute performance (but not any other metric) comparable to a 3 year old nvidia chipset or a 4 year old AMD chipset.  Somehow I don't think this comparison is going to be useful to anybody.
    If those AMD and Nvidia chipsets are in laptops bet they don’t work too well went unplugged from a wall socket…
  • These are the Mac features exclusive to Apple Silicon

    swineone said:
    "A Mac with Apple Silicon inside isn't just noticeably faster than their Intel counterparts; it's capable of a few other exclusive features too. Here is what an Apple Silicon-based Mac can do that the Intel Macs can't."

    "but as Apple can control every facet of these chips, there is currently a subset of Mac features exclusive only to Apple's chipsets."

    Let's not kid ourselves. All features listed (even running iOS/iPadOS apps) are well within the realms of the computing power available on Intel-based Macs. Hell, Dragon NaturallySpeaking did on-device dictation what, over 20 years ago? Surely not as well as Siri today, but then again, you can't compare a few-hundred-MHz Pentium Pro or Pentium II to current chips (and even older ones).

    It's not a technical issue, but merely a marketing strategy of differentiation to move new product. And Apple is (or at least should be, you never know with governments these days) well within their rights to do so. But don't pretend there's some magical Apple Silicon fairy dust that enables this. It's just good old marketing.
    Well Swine you be wrong Intel is now dead men walking….
  • Apple made secret 5-year $275B deal with Chinese government

    k2kw said:
    Let's see. Invest in training for workers to develop cutting edge production and supply chain technologies. Invest in transitioning suppliers to renewable and cleaner energy sources. Sounds like something the U.S. should be interested in but Apple's not in the Military/Oil/Coal/Pharma industries so U.S. Gov doesn't care.
    Sounds like treason to me
    That would be Google the Asian companies wouldn’t be in the smartphone game after 2007 without Google’s Android OS gift…..

    Just wait for Oak Ridge, Tennessee to pop up in main stream news because of a Thorium Reactor (American tech that was discarded) now being tested in China.
  • Apple made secret 5-year $275B deal with Chinese government

    crowley said:
    Worth $275bn to who?
    To Apple, Tim Cook is worth every million that Apple Pay’s him, he obliviously has read the Art of War……