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  • Apple stole #TakeNote from Utah Jazz basketball team

    Are geeks following sports?
  • Apple's entire iPhone 14 Pro lineup has historically long wait times

    Most want the high end iPhone and not the cheaper one….. 
  • Apple adding hundreds of App Store price points, as low as $0.29

    For the smaller developers across the world this will be a big help towards profitability.
  • New folding iPad and refreshed iPad mini 7 now in 2024, says Kuo

    omasou said:
    The only rational, I see today for a folding iPad is if when folded it fits in a doctor's lab coat while doing rounds. Then they can ditch the laptop.
    The resident or the intern carries the tablet….. God (doctor) does not. :smile: 
  • Apple Music rolls out to Tesla cars in holiday software update

    We finally got our Model Y in August after waiting 11 months from order date.  It’s the first new car we’ve ever owned. It’s amazing, but would like to have CarPlay on it.  If Rivian is a better car then buy it, but to me it’s idiotic to make (or cancel) a car purchase because of any person at the company.  
    Good luck make sure to document every problem and do not except any BS……


  • Apple chipmaking stumbles led to less impressive iPhone 14 Pro

    Ok……:) Less performance in comparison to which competitor who?
  • 2023 HomePod review roundup: similar sound, same price

    It isn’t Apple job to do Spotify’s job for them. Oh and Spotify is losing more money as usual.
  • Intel just took the worst beating in earnings in over a decade

    tht said:
    ITGUYINSD said:
    The article doesn't really explain WHY Intel sales were so bad.  Especially during the holiday season.  Is new gear too expensive for consumers?  Are people keeping their computers longer?  Or are consumers moving towards more mobile devices?

    It doesn't help Intel that major sellers like Dell have raised their prices making one take a second thought about buying or upgrading.  
    Post-pandemic bust.

    MS reported a 40% decline in Windows revenue. PC sales declined liked 35 to 40%. Crypto boomed during the pandemic. Crypto is now busted, so all those server GPU sales are declining. Services (Google, Amazon, MS, etc) boomed during the pandemic - work from home services etc - and now it has busted too.

    Apple will be lucky to hold the line at 20% declines imo. They said Macs would decline 3 months ago. iPhone sales have slowed due to COVID lockdowns at various plants.
    Windows, and Intel, fates are related to each other, but AMD and Nvidia are in the mix. However, Apple computer isn’t sitting on any crypto farm on a rack, Intel’s problems goes all the way back selling Strong arm and to their refusal to build iPhone CPU’s, on that day their fate going into the future was sealed.

    Apple may have a decline, but it probably will be more like they couldn’t make enough of their products fast enough to sell to the public, I want a larger screen iMac, a M2 24” iMac or possibly a updated Mac Pro but can’t buy any because Apple hasn’t released those products.

    Intel’s problems right now are long term Apple (TSMC) has disrupted them. Intel long-term decline won’t happen overnight, but the era of barn burning CPUs and graphic engines is coming to an end particularly on non-gaming consumer computers (the largest market) and in parallel Intel has been a complete no-show in the mobile market which has taken over computing despite current the downturn.

    Intel will hang on in the back room for a while but arm servers in time, will take up a bigger and bigger chunk of that market behind the scenes, coincidentally, Intel used to own Strong arm but they sold it.
  • IBM cuts 3,900 jobs in latest round of big tech layoffs

    IBM are they still around? slowly sinking into the tech sunset.
  • Two women saved in Canada thanks to Apple's Emergency SOS via Satellite

    DAalseth said:
    Using Google maps to find an alternative route, they decided to go through the Holmes Forest Service Road.
    Strike One
    Then it was basically a wall of snow and when they tried to get through it, they got stuck
    Strike Two

    Two dumb moves. Trusting Google that a Forest Service Road was passible in the winter, and then when it was blocked by “a wall of snow” they tried to press on. 
    They were just lucky there wasn’t a Strike Three.

    It would’ve been strike three if they were using an Android phone.
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