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  • Paramount+ and Showtime streaming services are merging

    Content companies are low margin and are usually sold every 5 to 10 years to a new sucker in Hollywood. Keep your distance, Apple.
  • 2023 HomePod review roundup: similar sound, same price

    AppleZulu said:
    muthuk_vanalingam said: Forget tech press for a moment. What is your definition of "succeeding in the market place"? I see that @AppleZulu has given a different explanation for the OG Homepod to be discontinued. I am not sure I would agree with that explanation either. Someone who tracked Apple's revenue splitup by category very closely would be able to make a better logical explanation on whether OG HomePod succeeded in the market place or not. As far as I could recollect, the category in which HomePod was included did not see any noticeable growth in revenue in that year. But I could be wrong as well on that.
    The OG HomePod was always being compared to Alexa speakers and the comparison almost always resulted in something along the lines of "lower price = better sales = better strategy". That comparison then resulted in people thinking the $99 HomePod Mini is what Apple should have done in the first place and proof that Apple had abandoned a more expensive product. Now that the OG HomePod has returned with new internals, those same people are having a hard time admitting that they were wrong. And they're definitely wrong considering that the Amazon smart speaker equation is now known to be "lower price = better sales = lose a ton of money and gut the smart speaker group".

    I see it more as a reset on Apple's part. $299 is likely what they learned from the OG HomePod to be the pricing sweet spot. But the OG HomePod wasn't producing the margin they wanted at $299. So they took what they learned from the OG HomePod design to simplify the internals while also maintaining or improving the sound quality etc. 
    If you read through these peanut galleries for a while, you'll see that this is a repeating theme that people do not get about Apple and its competitors. Apple never chases market share through low price/high volume/low (or no) margins. Other companies do, and it's at their own peril. Sometimes it works, but other times it costs them a lot of money. Even when the HomePod mini was released, the naysayers proclaimed its doom because it was still double or triple the price of the cheap competition. The mini is priced to sell in sufficient volume to support the HomeKit ecosystem. The full sized HP is priced to support music fans. Neither is priced to be a loss-leader, because Apple doesn't do that.
     Almost all of the complaints about Apple products is usually it cost too much and Apples unwillingness to pursuit market share.
  • Samsung's terrible quarter delivered lowest profit in 8 years

    Samsung‘s problem is no presence in China anymore and slowly but surely in the USA, Apple is slowly moving up grinding them to pieces in the USA.
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  • EU wants to hammer big tech & streamers with 5G build bill

    Netflix may be in trouble in the EU, but Apple probably will just drop streaming within the EU. It is a low percentage of their revenue and profits. The EU is working towards a family of products for the EU and another family of products for the rest of the world. They will not stop.

    The EU will also define screaming one way for the European companies and one way for the American companies and it will figure out someway to make it so that Spotify can still stay in the game. Note: Spotify just reported their last quarter and they’re losing more money as usual.

  • Apple & Google will have to tighten health app requirements, say researchers

    The EU will stretch that rubber band to the point where there will be separate devices for Europe and the rest of the world. The EU regulators will not stop.