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  • Apple Heart Study data reportedly used to win FDA approval for Apple Watch ECG

    genovelle said:
    D4RK31F said:
    Apple is not the first to get FDA approval...  I have been using Kardia band (alivecor) for almost half a year now.  What Apple is doing is making it seamlessly integrated into apple watch instead of an accessorized band.
    The article says it the first Apple device to get approval, so it is correct. 
    I’m finally buying my first Apple Watch and am excited but let’s not misinterprete things. 

    No, it’s a clearance. Big difference between clearance and approval. 

    What the Apple Watch is not

     • At this point in time, the Apple Watch ECG feature is not indicated for the detection of any heart conditions except Atrial Fibrillation.

     • It is also not indicated for people who already have a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, who should be seeing a physician regularly.

     • It is NOT capable of ruling in or out a heart attack. Even a full 12-lead ECG can miss certain heart attacks.

     • It is also NOT considered an FDA approved medical device as some people have claimed it to be. The FDA simply released clearance letters, also known as a 510k Pre Market notification clearance, that also explicitly state that it is not intended for people under the age of 22. It is considered as an over-the-counter (OTC) device and classified as Class II, which is the same class as things like condoms and home-pregnancy kits.

     • It is also not a continuous monitor of your heart's electrical activity. It is only capable of measuring an ECG while your other hand is on the crown.

     ◦ A single electrode ECG is also physically impossible. In order to measure electrical activity, there needs to be a complete circuit that passes through the heart. Not even a wireless device on the other hand can get around this as it wouldn't be part of the same electrical circuit.

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  • Can Apple's HomePod take on a surround sound theater system?

    For home theatre you don't really need 5.1 but you definitely need a good quality subwoofer by good quality I mean one that isn't flabby. So unless apple is going to add a dedicated HomePod subwoofer, it will never be anything special for watching movies at home. Mind you if Apple made an 8" HomePod subwoofer (I can't see them making a 10") to work with two Homepods then they could do their magic and send the low sounds now produced by the 4" to the 8" sub thus freeing up headroom which would probably be a very awesome 3.1 set up.
    That would only be a 2.1 set up. Not 3.1. Left, Right, Sub is 2.1. You’d need a center channel speaker for a 3.1.

    Your point is still valid though. I have a 12” SVS sub and you could probably fit about 25 HomePods in my sub. The HP could never get down to the levels of what I have. But the great thing about my HP, which is in my room, is playing music on the HP and my HT system at the same time with AirPlay2. Music almost everywhere I go now. 
  • Apple reports best March quarter ever with $61.1B in revenue, 52.2M iPhone sales

    Great freaking quarter. Although, Apples inventory soared a whopping 164% Y/Y. 
  • iOS release of 'Fortnite' rakes in over $25M in first 30 days

    MacPro said:
    If ever there were proof needed that 'Free apps' with 'in-app purchases' should be avoided this is it.  The term 'trap' comes to mind.
    Obviously you’ve never played or you would know that ALL IAP is purely cosmetic and not pay to win. So, yes, you play for free and be on the same level as someone who has spent $100’s on skins and emotes. 

    This is is actually how games should be. 
  • CarPlay becoming pivotal purchase priority for new car buyers

    Only thing I don’t like about CarPlay is not having Google Maps. For me, it’s still far more accurate with the hundreds of miles I drive per week.