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  • Apple Card: no multi-user support, no penalty rates, foreign transactions, more

    insync88 said:
    I don’t know if it’s just me....But I’ve never been this excited for a credit card before 
    Why? It’s a middle of the road type of card. I can literally beat the rewards with every purchase I make with my other cards. It’s ok for a general card but not the best by any stretch. 
  • Apple Card offers simplified and secure Goldman Sachs-backed credit card with daily reward...

    6502 said:
    Why are we debating the efficacy and morality of credit cards?  Virtually everyone in America has a credit card, so what's wrong with Apple offering one with better terms and security than most?  If you don't use credit cards, don't sign up for an Apple Card.  If your existing card is better under all circumstances than the Apple Card, or you don't want yet another credit card, don't get one.  

    Now if Apple wants to get into the furniture rental scam, that's another story altogether...
    Mostly debating carrying a balance. And how humdrum the Apple Card is.
    Is there another card with no annual fee, no late fee, and 2% cash back (to say nothing of the security features)?  That would be a big deal if it were someone like Capital One announcing it.

    BTW, no one here is arguing the other side of your "you should pay off your credit card every month--or not even use a credit card--if you can" proposition.  Yes, paying interest when you don't have to is bad.
    But it’s just not all 2% cash back. It’s 1% as well for all the many places that don’t have tap to pay terminals. Like every restaurant I go to doesn’t have that. So now I’m back to 1% because I have to use a card. 
  • Apple's 'It's show time' video and Apple News event is on March 25 at Steve Jobs Theater

    Calling the day off for this one!

    That’s so sad. You get nothing out of calling off work for a low level announcement from Apple when you can get all the information after you get off work. 
  • Apple's 'It's show time' video and Apple News event is on March 25 at Steve Jobs Theater

    lkrupp said:

    I’m iffy on whether or not I’ll pay for an Apple streaming service. If it’s free or bundled with Apple Music, great. But if they want me to pay 10 bucks extra for it or something like that I’ll just not buy it. I use my sister’s Netflix login, and I have a great torrent site. Frankly the UIs for most streaming services are worse than my torrent site, so why pay for them?
    So you’re a common thief then. Sharing service logins with family members is unethical at best and certainly against the terms of service with streaming services. Always interesting to see thieves proudly announcing their thievery to the world. And the “everybody does it” excuse doesn’t hold water, as well as the “evil corporations charge too much and therefore it’s okay to steal from them” rationale. 
    I’m sure you’re a proud member of society and never do anything wrong ever. 
  • Apple Heart Study data reportedly used to win FDA approval for Apple Watch ECG

    genovelle said:
    D4RK31F said:
    Apple is not the first to get FDA approval...  I have been using Kardia band (alivecor) for almost half a year now.  What Apple is doing is making it seamlessly integrated into apple watch instead of an accessorized band.
    The article says it the first Apple device to get approval, so it is correct. 
    I’m finally buying my first Apple Watch and am excited but let’s not misinterprete things. 

    No, it’s a clearance. Big difference between clearance and approval. 

    What the Apple Watch is not

     • At this point in time, the Apple Watch ECG feature is not indicated for the detection of any heart conditions except Atrial Fibrillation.

     • It is also not indicated for people who already have a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, who should be seeing a physician regularly.

     • It is NOT capable of ruling in or out a heart attack. Even a full 12-lead ECG can miss certain heart attacks.

     • It is also NOT considered an FDA approved medical device as some people have claimed it to be. The FDA simply released clearance letters, also known as a 510k Pre Market notification clearance, that also explicitly state that it is not intended for people under the age of 22. It is considered as an over-the-counter (OTC) device and classified as Class II, which is the same class as things like condoms and home-pregnancy kits.

     • It is also not a continuous monitor of your heart's electrical activity. It is only capable of measuring an ECG while your other hand is on the crown.

     ◦ A single electrode ECG is also physically impossible. In order to measure electrical activity, there needs to be a complete circuit that passes through the heart. Not even a wireless device on the other hand can get around this as it wouldn't be part of the same electrical circuit.

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