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  • First 40-gigabit USB 4 products shipping as soon as late 2020

    lkrupp said:
    USB 4 will almost certainly be an optical standard . Otherwise the cable lengths will be limited to about 6”. Copper just can’t go that fast no matter what the encoding scheme is. Copper has resistance, light doesn’t. And someone tell me why an iPhone would need a 40 gigabit connections, hmmmm.
    Copper goes that fast in six-foot Thunderbolt 3 now. Did you mean six feet, and not six inches?

    My guess is Ikrupp probably didn't realize this was actually 10 gigabits x 4 and thought it was a single 40 GHz serial line.  But yeah - this offers nothing to the Mac camp - we've had TB3 since 2016.  On copper.  ;)  I'm waiting and hoping for TB4, so we can have ever better eGPUs.
  • Xiaomi takes offense at smartphone estimates off by 2.5M units, Apple doesn't

    Guys, focus, this is about Xiaomi striking back against IDC.  If more of the little guys did that, IDC would lose all credibility.  But it's worth pondering how much this actually impacts companies - sure, their stock price might go down a little as investors switch - I'm not sure if customers would be swayed to buy a different phone because it shipped more units.  But this isn't so different from, for example, Apple stock recently plunging because Trump might raise Chinese Tariffs.  Trump also might not, or might not raise Tariffs on iPhones.So in theory the stock should recover.
  • GameClub raises $2.5M to bring classic iOS games back to life

    I think this is wonderful.  As a game developer, we often watched finished games never get released because of companies going out of business who owned the original license to the game.  It will be interesting to see if they can get the licenses to enough dear and classic iOS games.  I hope someone does this for MacOS as well - almost 100% of my MacOS games are still 32-bit.
  • Full-screen Touch ID could come to the iPhone with acoustic fingerprint imaging

    With touch ID, police must overtly coerce you to unlock your phone, something that is typically recorded and can be made illegal in places.  With FaceID, they can just yell, "hey, buddy, over here!", and when you glance over, your phone's unlocked. :)   Reminds my of the old school game "made you look!"
  • An Apple smart glove could make typing on an iPad screen easier and more comfortable

    Sure, rather integrate a comfortable keyboard, we can use bionic gloves instead - kinda like the dongle concept. 

    To be honest, I find the keyboard cover for the 10.5" iPad Pro absolutely fantastic (as well as the first generation 12.9" iPad Pro) - the ease and speed is about halfway between a butterfly / iPhone keyboard and a real keyboard - and IMO it's closer to the real keyboard than the butterfly/iPhone, nearly completely usable.  And it takes up less space in your backpack than a pair of gloves.