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  • Apple must face UK complaint that its App Store commission is unfair

    This is just more nonsense from the UK government in the guise of protecting the public. It’s not that at all. It’s also very simple: if developers don’t want to pay then they can market their product by other means. If the public thinks something is too expensive then they won’t buy it.
  • Epic Games-led Coalition for App Fairness polls claim public want open App Store

    At a simpler level, why should Apple open up access to its, no doubt, extremely expensive and secure systems? These are systems for which the buying public expects to have at no direct cost (you buy a device and pay for an app, with all that infrastructure in place). Why on earth should Apple give free reign to anyone to circumvent all that? It is because Apple has a chunk of money which it has rightly earned, and others feel aggrieved because they have less. I certainly would not want Apple to open up to all comers.  One of my reasons for using Apple products is the knowledge that my personal information is secure.  Other companies are nowhere near as good.
  • CarPlay's forthcoming fuel app will let drivers buy gas from the car

    I can with BP and my daughter does with Shell already here in the UK.
  • EU to say Apple Pay breaks antitrust laws

    There are comments above which suggest Apple Pay is a monopoly.  It plainly isn’t. It just links Apple Pay, as a convenient way to pay using a phone or watch to pretty much any bank account. Apple Pay is merely a facilitator to pay from any bank card.  This can hardly be a monopoly. If the complaint is that you can’t use, say, Google Pay instead of Apple Pay, why would you have an iPhone, you’d have a Google phone?  This is just time and money waste to give civil servants something to do. 
  • Netflix blames account sharing for first subscriber loss in a decade

    The reduction in subscribers is due to a number of reasons: cost, variety, competition, people going back to work after lockdown. I share my daughter’s subscription (she is in the same house) and I wouldn’t have my own if she moved away. All the providers should do a family sharing type thing as Apple does.