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  • Updated HomePod, new HomePod mini rumored for early 2023

    A full sized HomePod is very good news!  The sound quality of the Mini is just nowhere near the original full-size, so I’m up for it.
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  • Apple pulled a record 439K apps in Q2, including abandonware

    It is a shame when apps are not updated and won’t work on newer OSs. I do, though, see the reasoning. More frustrating is when an app changes developer and has to be paid for again (which I won’t do).

    On one other point, I don’t think Apple can be considered a monopoly. There are a number of alternatives.  However, it is entirely fair if Apple controls the content and operation of software run on its hardware.  Apple hardware and software combined are far more secure than, say, MS operating systems because hardware and software are integrated.  If developers are allowed a free-for-all the security will be compromised.  If a developer wants to run its app on an Apple device it should (a) tie in with Apple infrastructure and (b) pay Apple for the ability to do so.
  • Apple reaping massive illegal profits from Apple Pay fees on card issuers, lawsuit claims

    The fees are clearly not illegal.  If the companies sign up for the Apple Pay service, they do so knowingly. If there is another free service, well, fine. Apple is again generating business for the banks and pays for the infrastructure.  Yet another try-on for third parties to make money from Apple with no justification.
  • Apple reaping massive illegal profits from Apple Pay fees on card issuers, lawsuit claims

    I am sure Visa can afford the minimal charges.  I’m in the UK paying 29.9% on my Visa card with a base rate of a 1.25%.  I have never managed to get the rate reduced, there is always another six months to wait.  I have been nowhere near my credit limit for several years and have always paid more than the minimum. The account has been clear for some months.  I also have a very high credit score.  Visa doesn’t reduce my rate because historically I have not been able to clear it, so I was just captive.  Banks charge business more for debits and credits on business accounts which is why personal current accounts are free.  I only use Apple products because they are so secure.
  • Twitter was down for an hour on Thursday morning

    Oh, no! Has the world ended and I’ve missed it?